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TimelySnippet Helps Deal With Lots of Email on the Go


Timely Snippet by Sulata iSoft is a productivity app that gives users the power to create several clipboard-style text snippets that can be called upon at any time with a menu selection. This simple feature can mean a big productivity boost and speedy replies, especially for tech support and event management.
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Sign documents from your BlackBerry with EchoSign



Signing documents on the go can be help your organization get official documents authorized in a timely manner. This saves you time, money and can potentially be the difference between a sale and an unhappy client.

EchoSign have a web-based system that allow you to sign documents directly from your device, securely and legally. The process is simple:

* Upload an electronic copy (or fax it in if you only have a hard copy) to EchoSign
* Enter the recipient?€™s email address and include a note
* Click to send

The document goes to the user’s BlackBerry where they can sign the document online. The document cannot be modified and the system is totally secure, making it an easy way to authorize any official document.

Before EchoSign, the process of sending documents back and forth was plagued with inefficiency. The document would be faxed or sent by Fedex, and then returned signed. The process could take anywhere from, at best, half an hour, to upwards of several business days. EchoSign brings us one step closer to the mobile office we all dream about, and it’s even eco-friendly.

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