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Sometimes It’s Great That Startups Ignore BlackBerry


Sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the startup world. It seems Silicon Valley churns out the next “game changing” startup about once a month and the vast majority of these companies are a waste of everybody’s time. Take Kevin Rose’s Oink for example. It’s not a bad a idea, it’s just a waste of your time. No offence to Rose because Oink would be awesome if everyone in your city used it, but that’s incredibly unlikely. What’s more likely is that this idea will pivot about six times until it’s something very different than what it started, or the idea will simply fade into oblivion. In the meantime, if you’re an iPhone user and your friends are into trying every free app that hits the App Store, you will likely get bombarded with friend requests for each of these startups.
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VeloCity announces new leadership team: Mike Kirkup and Brett Shellhammer


VeloCity, the University of Waterloo’s student startup incubator program has added two experienced staffers to their team. Mike Kirkup of RIM developer relations fame will be VeloCity’s new Director and Brett Shellhammer will be bringing his startup and Silicon Valley experience to the role of Executive In Residence.
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Open Mobile Summit San Francisco 2010: More on RIM’s Valley Presence


open mobile summit 2010

This past week in San Francisco I had the pleasure to attend the Open Mobile Summit held at the Marriott Marquis. This year marked the largest Open Mobile Summit with over 650 attendees from across the mobile industry. Google, Verizon, Sprint, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Samsung, Motorola, and RIM were among the speakers and panelists discussing all things mobile.

Topics that dominated discussion included 4G, mobile advertising, tablets, applications, and monetization strategies. In an effort to show some Silicon Valley presence RIM’s Tyler Lessard, VP Developer Relations and Global Alliances, attended the summit and spoke to the crowd about the virtues of BlackBerry and where it’s going. Lessard spoke about the new tablet and how it will come “enterprise ready” so that existing RIM enterprise clients will be able to immediately adopt the solutions into their businesses.
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CTIA 2010: Where is the BlackBerry Presence?


the blackberry booth

So as CTIA winds down I can’t help but wonder where RIM is? The theme of this CTIA is enterprise and applications. The majority of enterprise devices are BlackBerrys and RIM is trying to increase their reputation regarding apps. It seems like such a natural fit. The reality is they don’t even have a booth at the show. I’ve been investigating and all I could find was this gray, windowless, cubicle “meeting room” (MR-412). Now, I know they just held DEVCON last week but does that even matter?

As someone who is deeply tied to RIM and their success this is very frustrating. A typical excuse I’m hearing is that CTIA is not what it used to be…”Just look at the floor” some say. To this I say bollocks, the mobile industry is growing and at an incredible rate, all major handset manufacturers continue to show strong growth, and the outlook is great.
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