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CBC Talks BlackBerry Going Private and It’s Negative as Usual


The CBC had a segment on BlackBerry going private and it’s very negative as usual. The entire video is filled with sound bites about the company going under and clips such as B-Roll footage of people walking out of an empty room with a BlackBerry exec left by himself. The video looks like it was produced by some state propaganda department and doesn’t have much in the way of balanced coverage. Here’s a theory: the CBC doesn’t have the capability of having a balanced viewpoint because nobody there fully understands the industry. Government subsidies have turned its employees into a bureaucrats who are more concerned with politics and pensions than hustling to get a news scoop. Anyways, check out our buddy Simon Sage, former editor of BlackBerryCool and now Mobile Nations editor talk to them about the potential sale.
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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 31


BBCoolThis week the BlackBerry Javelin dominates our attention, but of course there’s always something going on in India. Rogers also got some new data plans which just fall short of unlimited, but also offer the BlackBerry 8820, which will nicely take advantage of their UMA service. To cap it all off, we shift gears away from developer interviews, and chat with two specialists out of California: Brian Boxer Wachler, eye specialist; and Glenn Cohen, hand surgeon. Learn not only the physical effects of your BlackBerry habits, but what the experts have to say on device design. Grab the MP3, yoink it off iTunes, or pilfer the podcast from our RSS.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 7


BrokeItSimon Sage takes his maiden voyage on the BlackBerry Cool Podcast, talking with Karl Susman from BrokeIt.com about the week’s big news, as well as a few juicy new tidbits. Last Friday’s BIS blackout and RIM’s site updates are on the plate, along with some of Karl’s inside info on T-Mobile’s upcoming BlackBerry 8320. After that, we go over Sprint’s BlackBerry 8130 and the future of streaming video on BlackBerry. Then we take a turn to location-based services, talking about SameCell, the free proximity detection service. To cap it all off, we get a full run-down of the upcoming Desktop Media Manager and new multimedia sharing functions. Take a listen! You know you wanna.

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