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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 24


BBCoolBBCool ushers in April with some CTIA news, most notably the announcement of the CDMA Curve across Verizon, Sprint and Telus. We also peep fresh developments in India, RIM’s latest quarterly results, and talk with fine folks from SimulScribe and Pinger. We’ve got all the colours of the audio rainbow: iTunes, MP3 and feeds.


Review: SimulScribe


SimulScribeWe met the SimulScribe guys back at WES, and we’ve been toying around with their beta SimulSays software for awhile now. Considering that’s nigh-on eight months ago, we figured it’s time to do a review proper of what these guys have to offer. What SimulScribe essentially does is provide a new voice mailbox which processes and transcribes incoming messages, accessible via e-mail, web client, or their new SimulSays application for handhelds. All messages include the original audio file, so even if the transcription doesn’t quite go through, you’ll have good old-fashioned voice still available.

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SimulSays Beta available for free download


SimulSaysVisual voicemail tycoons, SimulSays, has opened up SimulSays Beta for free download on your BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8300 and Windows Mobile handhelds. While this software is helpful for integrating voicemail with other BlackBerry services (e-mail, SMS and phone), the real product is in SimulScribe, which transcribes voicemail into text, opening up a whole slew of new functions. It’s a good product model they’ve got going here – try this for free, and if it’s doing good things for you, we’ve got a premium service available too.