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SimulScribe changes name to PhoneTag, adds contacts feature


PhoneTag logoThe guys at SimulScribe have changed their name to PhoneTag and added a new feature to their software, which we reviewed a few months ago. The new feature lets you upload your contact list to their website for use in their voicemail transcription app. When the message is transcribed, it will come to you from the email address of the person who recorded it, allowing for a quick email reply. It will also append the user’s name to the subject and spell it correctly in the transcription — so if you know a Tracey, a Tracie, and a Tracy, you’re in luck.

They note that the name change might cause some issues with users’ spam folders, and if you’re one of the few affected you can call them at 1-800-788-0916 or email them.


BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 24


BBCoolBBCool ushers in April with some CTIA news, most notably the announcement of the CDMA Curve across Verizon, Sprint and Telus. We also peep fresh developments in India, RIM’s latest quarterly results, and talk with fine folks from SimulScribe and Pinger. We’ve got all the colours of the audio rainbow: iTunes, MP3 and feeds.


Spinvox comes to Rogers


SpinVoxAnnounced back in August, SpinVox’s voicemail-to-text service is now available on Rogers for both French and English-speaking customers. SpinVox will work seamlessly with your existing Rogers mailbox, and will e-mail or SMS your voicemail to you after being transcribed. It’s going for $15/month, which is probably cheaper than SimulScribe if you’re a heavy-duty voicemailer, plus it means you wouldn’t have to screw around with call forwarding. Still, SimulScribe has a few extra bells and whistles; we’re offering a month of SimulScribe for free, so be sure to check out the competition before diving into SpinVox.

Review: SimulScribe


SimulScribeWe met the SimulScribe guys back at WES, and we’ve been toying around with their beta SimulSays software for awhile now. Considering that’s nigh-on eight months ago, we figured it’s time to do a review proper of what these guys have to offer. What SimulScribe essentially does is provide a new voice mailbox which processes and transcribes incoming messages, accessible via e-mail, web client, or their new SimulSays application for handhelds. All messages include the original audio file, so even if the transcription doesn’t quite go through, you’ll have good old-fashioned voice still available.

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Early presents exclusive for BBCool readers


Christmas TreeYeah, Christmas is a ways off, but we don’t care – we love you guys way too much to hold out for three stinkin’ weeks. So, we’ve got two presents for ya: first up is 25% off of Ascendo DataVault, the BlackBerry password-keeping software of choice. Just type in the coupon code BBCOOL72 at checkout for your savings. For more info, check out our review of their most recent version. Next up is a free 30-day trial of the voicemail transcription service, SimulScribe, which we’ve got on the plate for review this week. So far it’s been impressive, and very much worth checking out. Currently in beta is SimulSays, which is a dedicated user interface for browsing through voicemails pumped through SimulScribe. That’s not everything, but we’ve got to save something for Christmas proper, don’t we?