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BlackBerry App World now available in Indonesia and Singapore



Now that Indonesia and Singapore have such devices as the Curve 8520, Bold and Storm, App World is the next obvious move.

Users from these countries were elated when we posted about How to Get Free Apps from App World in Any Country, but now they can do it legitimately and get paid apps as well.

According to the press release, users can find applications “specifically built for the region.” Some Indonesia specific apps include Taxi Indonesia Dialer, Makan and Caripromo. Users from Singapore will enjoy applications such as iCab SG. Foyage, Spionard and Pintas are also available for users in both Indonesia and Singapore.

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Viigo now available in Singapore via M1


Guess what? More Viigo news! Viigo has been selected as a Featured App by M1, a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore.

Under the terms of this partnership, Viigo will immediately be available via the M1 Portal, and will automatically appear on the home screen of all M1 BlackBerry devices going forward.

“We’re thrilled that M1 has chosen Viigo as a featured application for their BlackBerry devices,” said Mark Ruddock, CEO, Viigo. “We are committed to serving the needs of carriers around the world, providing their subscribers with a compelling reason to switch to the latest generation of smartphones.”

So if you’re in Signapore, get ready to have your life Viigo’d.


BlackBerry users around the world talk overheating UPDATED


global warming

After I wrote about the BlackBerry Bold in Japan overheating, I got a swarm of emails from people saying they’ve had similar overheating problems in their home country. Here are some examples:

From Spain (about Romania):

The first time I traveled to Romania with my new Bold it got VERY hot. Also the battery was consumed in 2 or 3 hours. I was permanently charging it and at the same time it was getting hotter and hotter. Although there was able a 3G network I changed the mode to 2G. Then, the overheating problem disappeared and the battery become useful for 1.5 days. My point is the device had some troubles to connect properly with the local network and was permanently looking for a better signal consuming extra battery and producing hot.

From Singapore:

I brought my bb bold a month ago & experience overheating yesterday. The battery just drain off and it felt very hot. I m staying in singapore. Is it a battery problem. I believe oem battery may be a problem instead of device.

From America about Indonesia:

I bought a Telstra bold in Indonesia, with firmware   I was having trouble with the radio losing signal even in high signal areas.   I upgraded to firmware and started to experience heading problems around the center of the unit and rapid battery depletion.    I upgraded further to firmware and the problem went away.

Thanks for all your emails!

If you have experienced overheating, comment with details about what happened and where you were at the time.

UPDATE: I just got another email, this one from Australia:

I am comms admin for an Australian business, we just upgraded some of our users to new blackberry bold’s and guess what? They are overheating like cakes and shutdown by it self and you can never switch them back on again till after a long time waiting.


Singtel launching BlackBerry Bold soon


Singtel BlackBerry Bold

The BlackBerry 9000 is popping up all over the place, and Singapore is no exception. The Singtel BlackBerry Bold launch party is taking place on August 27th., next Wednesday. Hong Kong kicked things off pretty early, and it’s to be expected that the Bold will be reaching out all around the region. As for a release date, it’s anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to assume it will be available in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on Singtel’s online store for more info.

(Dereth via BBWorld)


BlackBerry 8320 lands in Singapore


M1Although unheralded by press release nor fanfare, the Wi-Fi Curve has made its way to The East through M1 for around S$450 (or US$312). Still no sign of the 8120 on Singtel, Starhub, or M1 but the 8320 is a decent trade-off, no? Besides, M1 has a pretty decent lineup with the 8310, 8820 and 8707 up there, too. Interestingly, the new Curve doesn’t have the big “BlackBerry from Vodafone” label (reminiscent of VIP’s deal) slapped underneath it. Maybe M1’s managing to handle it themselves…? Thanks Ross!

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 9


BBCoolSimon Sage gives a quick update on the week’s news. The spotlight shines squarely on new BlackBerry 9100 info, but we also go over releases in Russia and Singapore, Google’s new My Location, the results of Black Friday sales, and more. Take a listen here! (14 minutes)