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dbrand Launches Vinyl Skins for the BlackBerry Z10 With Interesting Remarks on Size


Yesterday, dbrand, makers of vinyl accessories for mobile devices, launched their dbrand skins for the BlackBerry Z10. The skins are made from textured 3M vinyl and are very affordable at $20 each. Interestingly enough, the BlackBerry Z10, which comes in both White and Black, actually has a size variance between the two models. According to the CEO of dbrand, “the most challenging aspect to skinning the Z10 was when we completed the template using a black device, then realized that the white and black devices had micro-millimeter differences in size.” Rather than compromise quality, the company chose to create two completely separate skins to make sure the fit was just right. Check out the pics and link below.
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BlackBerry Javelin comparison shots


BlackBerry Javelin comparison

While it might not be the cleanest picture in the world (you would want to see these pictures of the BlackBerry Javelin if you’re looking for clarity), this shot does give us a feel for the size of the BalckBerry Javelin versus the BlackBerry 8800 and BlackBerry 8300. As you can see, the BlackBerry Javelin is well smaller than the big ol’ 8800, and just about as big as the Curve. While the BlackBerry Javelin might not be packing 3G, its slim form factor, 480 x 360 screen, 3.2 megapixel camera and Curve-style keypad are winning a lot of people over already. Expect this one out around late November – maybe even before Christmas if the release date isn’t pushed back.

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