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Sling coming to BlackBerry


SlingThe home-to-mobile TV service provider, Sling, is following up on earlier statements with the announcement that BlackBerry software will be due “later this year”. Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian mobiles are already enjoying getting their shows for $29.99 (plus the Slingbox), so it’s good to see BlackBerry’s going to be joining the party real soon.

Sling on BlackBerry confirmed


SlingEarlier rumors of Slingbox support for BlackBerry has been confirmed by Pocket Lint today. Some ambitious reports have claimed the world will have 120 million people watching TV on their mobiles by 2012, which is saying something considering we’re sitting at under 12 million viewers right now. Even if Sling’s BlackBerry support doesn’t come soon, Sprint’s 8120 will be packing some streaming video service. Would you guys want to watch TV on your BlackBerry?