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Pyxis Mobile releases SmartFlicks, will present at BlackBerry Cool 15


SmartFlicks for BlackBerry

The fine folks at Pyxis Mobile pinged me last night to let me know that they have released a beta version of SmartFlicks for BlackBerry. SmartFlicks is a Netflix client that is impressive not only for what it does, but for how it was made. Apparently, Pyxis leveraged the same client and codebase used to service their financial services customers to build the application in a day. Also, because the application is ‘built’ on your BlackBerry when you run it, Pyxis can add features and enhancements at any time that will appear in SmartFlicks the next time you log in.

You can download the SmartFlicks for BlackBerry beta after the jump, but if you’re attending the BlackBerry Developer Conference, make sure to swing by the BlackBerry Cool 15 and watch Arun Nagarajan of Pyxis Mobile demonstrate SmartFlicks and the technology behind it in person!

SmartFlicks Beta Download