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Free Social TV Watching App Yap.tv Now Available for BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook


Yap.TV is a pretty cool service that lets you navigate TV shows via an up-to-the minute program guide that gives you the latest shows as well as what’s trending. The app gives you insight into not only what the show is about, but what people are saying about it on the Internet. Watching the latest episode of Walking Dead and getting sick of the slow plot development? Get in on the conversation. With Yap.TV, you can connect yourself to a community of people watching TV and it adds another layer of entertainment. Yap.TV was previously only available on iPad, and it is now available for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet.
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Google Plus Would Benefit From More BlackBerry Support


This has surely happened to you: you’ve tried to “Plus1″ an article for Google Plus but your BlackBerry is not supported. Currently, a Bold 9900 OS 7.1 device gets an error message if you try and +1 an article or website. For a company the size of Google, with its engineer-heavy staff, support for OS 7 should be trivial.
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BatBerry Project Still Going Strong – Makes First Public Appearance


The BatBerry Project was started by Tim Neil, a Development Manager at RIM. Tim is on the group at RIM responsible for the delivery of the WebWorks platform and Ripple Emulator and the plan is to have the car’s auxiliary systems powered and controlled by a BlackBerry WebWorks application running on both the BlackBerry PlayBook and a BlackBerry smartphone.
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Iconorific Apps Suite Gives You Quick Access to Key Smartphone Stats



Iconorific is a suite of apps that gives you the data you want to see on your homescreen at a glance. There is no setup for these apps and they display relevant information on the icon itself. Examples of some Iconorific apps include Data Meter, Monthly Data Icon, Monthly Minutes Icon and Talk Meter Icon. Whether you travel a lot or just want to keep a close eye on your device, these apps can help you out.

Check out the suite of Iconorific apps in App World at this link.

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IDC Releases Numbers for Top 5 Smarpthone Manufacturers


top 5 from IDC

IDC has released its latest data about the Top 5 smartphone vendors for the fourth quarter of 2010 and while the smartphone market is heating up, there are still relatively few players in the game. In terms of smartphone manufacturers this quarter, Nokia, Apple, and RIM take the majority of the smartphone market with 28.0%, 16.1% and 14.5% respectively. In terms of 2010 as a whole, IDC reports market shares of 33.1%, 16.1% and 15.7% for Nokia, RIM and Apple respectively.
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BlackBerry is the Number 1 Selling Smartphone of 2010 in UK


UK Bold launch

According to data released by GfK, BlackBerry represented 28.2% of all smartphone sales in 2010 and RIM managed to take 36% of Christmas sales, with over 500,000 devices sold. This news apparently makes BlackBerry the most successful smartphone of 2010 in the UK.

Some other interesting data revolves around how successful RIM’s first party apps have been. BlackBerry Messenger now boasts 33 million users wordwide, which is a 500% increase year over year. RIM also takes the number 1 spot for Facebook engagement and Twitter downloads (which is surprising considering how bad the Facebook app is).
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