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MU College of Engineering Create Network for Military Smartphone Apps


Engineers from the MU College of Engineering, with funding from the US Army and Leonard Wood Institute, have created ad hoc networks so that soldiers can relay smartphone information without using the internet. This allows for targeting using sound or sight, as well as a host of other features to turn smartphones into tools for soldiers.
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5 Things RIM Has Done Right


It’s common for media to lambaste RIM and its smartphones and tablet. The company does deserve some of the criticism it receives, but what’s strange is that it doesn’t receive any credit where it’s due. Here are 5 areas where we believe RIM should get more recognition.
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New Apps for BlackBerry, iOS and Android (Smartphones and Tablets)


Let’s check out what’s new on the three major mobile platforms in terms of apps and games. This week we’ve got apps for both smartphones and tablets, so there’s a little something for everyone. Here’s what hot on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry this week.
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A Look at the Latest Smartphone Apps That Have Launched


Welcome to this week’s edition of the cross-platform app roundup! This week I noticed a slight trend in the apps I chose for this roundup – they’re all (except the last one) rooted in past technologies. I’m all about paying homage to the classics, and these apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry are all great examples of that. So, let’s have a look at what’s hot on the other major platforms so that we might get an idea of what their audiences are looking for.
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RIM Leads in Canada with 42% of All Smartphones Being BlackBerry


Hopefully this will be the new Canadian anthem.

RIM is still killing it in Canada ahead of Apple and Google and with 42% of the smartphone market, ahead of Apple’s 31% and Android’s 12.2%. Nokia is barely a player with only 6.4% of the market and Windows has even less with 5.1% of the smartphone market. The data comes from a new report on the Canadian mobile industry from market research firm ComScore Inc. In terms of smartphone adoption in general, Canada is at 32.8%, which is a little higher than the US which is at 32.2%. Europe is doing really well with smartphone penetration with numbers such as United Kingdom (40.8%), Spain (40.2%) and Italy (38.3%) in terms of smartphone adoption. But then again, Europe is a Nokia-based society and nobody is really taking that company seriously as a smartphone. It’s more like a “semi-intelligent phone”.

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