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Eavesdropping Laws Need to Be Updated to Account for Smartphones


police recording
Another example of just how outdated these recording laws are: police departments in other states are creating their own apps that directly violate the eavesdropping laws of other states.

There is a growing trend of recording and reporting incidents by the public via smartphones/mobiles these days. The trend covers events such as the police killing a man near the BART system, a plane crashing in the Hudson, tragic moments from the Iranian elections, and countless more. Recording the world around you has become commonplace in today’s society. Just take a look at the site CrowdReel, which publishes pictures from Twitter streams around the world.

Recently, a case has brought to light outdated eavesdropping laws in Illinois and 11 other states. The case involves two individuals who recorded public officials (one of which used her BlackBerry) because they wanted a record of what was said for their own personal protection. This act landed them potential sentences of 15 years in prison (the sentence is much greater when it involves a public official versus a civilian).
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Mobile Mix Report from Millennial Media Shows 60% Increase in RIM Ad Requests


millenial media report
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Millennial Media has released their Mobile Mix Report and things are looking good for both RIM and the smartphone market in general. Here are some BlackBerry-specific highlights from the report:

  • RIM devices represented five of the top 30 Mobile Devices, the BlackBerry Curve reclaimed the number 2 spot this month.
  • RIM ad requests increased by 60% Q3 to Q4 in 2010.
  • Travel and Vacation app impressions doubled quarter-over-quarter. Apps in this category have evolved to bring online capabilities to the mobile platform (e.g., reservations, check-in, boarding passes, travel updates, etc). The double digit quarterly growth shows that mobile consumers found value in staying connect through their mobile devices as they traveled this holiday season.

Hit the jump for screenshots and highlights of the Mobile Mix Report.
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How Smartphone Users See Each Other: iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry


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BlackBerry Security Helps Drive Sales in Venezuela


RIM are making some great headway in Venezuela, and BlackBerry is the top selling smartphone in Latin America. In Q3 of 2009, BlackBerry accounted for 37% of smartphone shipments to Latin America, according to IDC. This is up from 14% the year previous.

What seems to be driving the growth, particularly in Venezuela, is the popularity of BlackBerry Messenger and the platform’s security. According to Douglas Ochoa, the VP of communications at Telefonica Venezuela, “Venezuelans are, how can you say it, mistrustful. So they’re looking for a way to communicate, to be connected, in a very secure way, and I think Blackberry has done that.”

Since BlackBerry was first introduced in Venezuela, sales have increased more than 100% per trimester, and the device, which costs anywhere from VEB869 (US$200) to VEB6,579 (US$1,530), depending on the model, has become a status symbol.

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Comparing Smartphone App Launches Between iPhone and BlackBerry


After discussing the developer ecosystem internally, as well as with some industry players, the conversation naturally progressed to app launches for the various smartphone platforms out there. While previously we discussed the ecosystem as it pertains to the business side, what about how all of this affects the end user? The easiest way to measure this is how soon do we get the apps we want, relative to other smartphone users, and what feature sets do they come with?

BlackBerry offers the potential for all applications to be, in many ways, better than for other smartphones. Integration through APIs, the added value of push technology, and unique social networking opportunities through BBM, should make BlackBerry the first smartphone that developers think about when building a compelling smartphone app. Also, App World has demonstrated that BlackBerry users have a much higher tolerance for price, and are willing to pay significantly more for applications. But as users we know this doesn’t result in bringing developers to our doorstep. Take a series of examplesof popular applications that almost every BlackBerry user would want, but for one reason or another could not get until well after another smartphone, usually the iPhone, got it first.
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BlackBerry Dominates Top 10 Smartphones But Growth Rate Looms



IDC have announced the top selling smartphones in America and BlackBerry accounted for 5 of the top 10. While this is pretty significant, I’m sure RIM isn’t too happy about growth rates. RIM was significantly stronger than its competitors in terms of pure sales, but Apple’s growth far outpaced all others, with a unit sales increase of 97.7% in Q4 of 2009. Overall in 2009, Apple still dominates in terms of growth by 81.9% compared to RIM’s 46.2%.
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