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SmrtGuard Offers Free Panic Button App: Personal Guardian


Not that long ago we mentioned that Guardly, a panic button app for iPhone, would be coming to the BlackBerry platform. Well it looks like SmrtGuard, the BlackBerry platform veteran, is prepared for the launch and is offering its Personal Guardian app free of charge. Read more about this awesome app from SmrtGuard.
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RIM is Also Collecting Location of Its Users’ BlackBerrys But Doing it Right


location data blackberry

At the Where 2.0 conference it was announced that Apple was secretly collecting the location of every iPhone and weren’t telling users. This led to a Senate hearing of Apple and Google execs who had to explain themselves and answer to why they are collecting the data without the user’s knowledge. Recently, SmrtGuard decided to do some digging around to see if RIM collects this same data for a BlackBerry, and yes they do. The difference is that RIM does it in a very transparent way that users can opt out of, which is exactly how Apple and Google should have done it.

Many of you have noticed this option but in case you haven’t, go to Options > Device > Location Settings and scroll down a little. There, you’ll see the Enable GPS option with a message that says: “Anonymously collects data to improve the speed and accuracy of future location services.” The intent is pretty clear and RIM is building a database of location data in order to be able to improve their software. RIM is explicit that the data is anonymous and give the user the ability to disable. Again, if Apple and Google had been this open about their location data collection, it probably wouldn’t have turned into such a debacle.

Read more over at SmrtGuard’s Resource Center where they’ll have regular content in the mobile security space.

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SmrtGuard Giving Away a PlayBook and Free Subscriptions for 2nd Birthday



SmrtGuard is celebrating their 2nd birthday and they’ve got some great giveaways for the occasion. In an industry where tech companies come and go pretty quickly, it’s great to see a company like SmrtGuard staying strong and continuing to update their software. We’re hoping SmrtGuard will be around until they get acquired for millions and live out the rest of their days smoking cigars on a giant pile of cash. So how do you win awesome free stuff? Simple:

1. Point your BlackBerry to http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/6143 or visithttp://www.smrtguard.com/downloadfree/ to download and sign up.
2. Activate your account and DONE!
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Reader Asks: How Do I Get My Stolen BlackBerry Back?


Location of stolen BlackBerry
This is where Protect places my BlackBerry

Dear BlackBerryCool,

You guys write about apps like BlackBerry Protect and SmrtGuard all the time, and I thought I would give Protect a try. Just my luck, last week I had my BlackBerry stolen and I turned on Protect to see if I could find it. Protect gave me a map with a pin of where my device is, accurate to about 6 meters (ED NOTE: pictured above). So I decided to call the police and report it stolen because it’s technically theft over $500, making it worth police attention. In the report I said I have software installed to help find my BlackBerry and an investigator called me back a few days ago. I gave him the screenshot and he said he would get back to me. This is what he said:
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Lost Device and Backup Service Head-to-Head: SmrtGuard Versus BlackBerry Protect


blackberry protect

When RIM announced BlackBerry Protect, the first thing on our mind was “what will that do to SmrtGuard?”. SmrtGuard has been providing BlackBerry users with a similar service for a long time before RIM decided they wanted to eat their lunch and now that the Protect app is out of Beta, it’s a good time to compare the two apps/services. Protect is a great move on RIM’s part because it offers a great backup/lost device service for free, which adds a lot of value to the whole platform. SmrtGuard also has a free version, allowing users to dip their feet in the SmrtGuard pool before taking the plunge to the full featured version. So which offers more value?
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Win a Torch and More With SmrtGuard’s “Refer-a-Friend Contest”



Hats off to SmrtGuard – these guys do a great job of marketing their applications. The most recent initiative is a referral contest they call the “Refer-a-Friend Contest” and prizes include an unlocked BlackBerry Torch, 10 SmrtGuard Pro Lifetime Subscriptions, a BlackBerry for Dummies book and SmrtGuard Pens.
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