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Another Hands-On Video from the Meet the BlackBerry PlayBook Event


The latest hands-on video of the BlackBerry PlayBook comes courtesy of the Meet the BlackBerry PlayBook developer sessions in New York City. We’re pretty sure the video is taken by Rob Kao of SmrtGuard, but the actual PlayBook handling is done by a RIM employee. The PlayBook software is definitely still a work in progress and it seems that RIM employees are pretty careful about how they demo the device. In this video, we get to see the camera booted up with both the front and back being used. Cool stuff!

Poll: Have You Ever Used Location to Find a Lost or Stolen Device?


blackberry protect

There are a few services out there that will help you find a lost or stolen device (SmrtGuard, BlackBerry Protect, BerrySnooper). The question is: how effective are these services at finding your device? If your BlackBerry is anywhere that might not have perfect reception, you’re going to have a hard time locating it. Take the above screenshot for example. This was taken with BlackBerry Protect enabled on my Torch and my device was located at the corner of York and Cumberland, not even within the red circle that BlackBerry Protect says it is. Now, if I couldn’t find my BlackBerry and I left it at a bar, I could use the service to narrow down whether my device was at said bar or if it was at my house or office. While the exact location isn’t always necessary, you have to wonder how useful this particular features really is. So we’re asking the reader, have you ever recovered a lost or stolen device with the help of a location tracking service? Hit the poll after the jump.
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SmrtGuard Giving Away a BlackBerry Torch Through Facebook or Twitter


blackberry torch giveaway

SmrtGuard is giving away a BlackBerry Torch and a free SmrtGuard Lifetime Subscription to one lucky winner who posts their SmrtGuard story of how SmrtGuard has helped them on either Facebook or Twitter at @smrtguard. Two runner-ups will be given Lifetime Subscriptions as well.

For more details, head over to the contest page at smrtguard.com/bbtorchaway.jsp.

SmrtGuard Announces Personal Guardian Panic Button App



SmrtGuard has announced a new app called Personal Guardian. The app is a panic button that one-push panic button that silently triggers an emergency call, email, SMS text, or Twitter message with your GPS location information. The app comes with a web portal that allows you to customize emergency alert messages, contact information and recipients, and track the location of your phone. Once the Personal Guardian panic button is activated, the app automatically and silently initiates real-time location tracking and sends a custom emergency message to preconfigured contacts and communication channels including:

  • Dial 911 or other number of your choice.
  • Twitter message with location to your Twitter stream.
  • Email with your custom message and current location information.
  • SMS text message with your current location information.

More information available from SmrtGuard.

Free Data Security and Tracking App Available in App World


data security and tracking app

There’s a free (for 1 year) data security and tracking app in App World right now that allows you to lock the device remotely and retrieve your personal contacts. These applications are fairly popular for BlackBerry and RIM has taken it upon themselves to develop their own internal data security and tracking app called BlackBerry Protect (available in Beta Zone). With BlackBerry Protect soon to be available in App World for free, it’s not clear how these apps will compete. Until then, this may be a good option.

Check out the free data security and tracking app, Superhero Solo in App World.

Also, feel free to check out SmrtGuard’s free data security app as well.

SmrtGuard Now Offering Pro Subscription for Life and Giftcard Contest



SmrtGuard has a pretty cool deal going right now where you can get SmrtGuard Pro for life. For a limited time, when you buy 1 year of SmrtGuard Pro, you get a lifetime subscription for free. On top of that, SmrtGuard is giving 1, $25 Amazon gift card, for every 100 people that purchase a Pro subscription.

SmrtGuard PRO lets you automatically and securely backup and restore your smartphone data wirelessly to a new phone. It includes full data security and device protection such as being able to wipe your phone remotely in case of theft or loss, GPS tracking and recovery, and anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. In addition, you get Call Blocker, Anti-Spam and Personal Guardian features.

Check out the limited time offer from SmrtGuard here.