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EmergencyWipe by S4BB Secures Private Data and Remote Wipes


emergency wipe by s4bb

EmergencyWipe secures your private data from unauthorized access. If you are in a situation you need to quickly erase the confidential data of your BlackBerry, EmergencyWipe for BlackBerry will help you. There are many apps that do something similar, and recently we learned of BlacBerry Protect, a service developed by RIM that will allow you to wipe data and track the device. Currently, the app is in closed beta so if you’re looking for a wipe solution, try this app. You can also try the free version of SmrtGuard, which allows for some data protection as well.

Features include:

* Wipes sensitive data
* Secured by double wipe confirmation
* Protects your data
* Protects your privacy
* Protects your contacts
* Protects your business
* All current models supported
* The current version may wipe
* Contacts
* Tasks / Todos
* Calendar events

More information available in the store.

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RIM Launch Free Data Backup and Protection Utility ‘BlackBerry Protect’


BlackBerry Protect is a free data backup and protection utility currently in Beta and developed by RIM. BlackBerry Protect enables its users to have control over a toolbox of features that can manage and protect the data that’s on your device, specifically when it’s not in your possession.

Here’s breakdown of the features and benefits all of which are accessed from the web once BlackBerry Protect is installed on your device:
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BlackBerry Shield Features and Images Leaked


BlackBerry Shield is an interesting program that will be really beneficial to BlackBerry users everywhere. The service is centered around helping users find their lost or stolen devices. This sort of service is available to enterprise users through companies such as Zenprise, as well as it’s already available to consumers through companies such as SmrtGuard. Actually, it’s sort of strange how incredibly similar BlackBerry Shield and SmrtGuard are. Hit up after the jump for more features and images.
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SmrtGuard Provides Data Protection for Trigcom Users


SmrtGuard has announced that its wireless protection services are being extended to all Trigcom users. Trigcom is the first wireless carrier in Norway to introduce BlackBerry smartphones, and with SmrtGuard their users will be able to protect personal data and recover their smartphone if it’s lost or stolen.

The latest update to SmrtGuard includes SmrtSecurity, an Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus feature. With Anti-SPAM, users can block unwanted calls and emails and with anti-virus features, you can fully protect your device from spyware.

To download, point your browser to smrtguard.com/m.

You can also download the free version of SmrtGuard from App World.

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SmrtGuard Updates and Celebrates 1 Year Birthday with Giveaways


SmrtGuard has just released version 2.52 of their personal protection app that now adds Twitter support to the Personal Guardian Feature. The Personal Guardian feature is a panic button that alerts specific contacts if you’re in trouble and delivers a message as well as your location. The feature will alert your contacts by email, SMS, phone call, and now Twitter.

Today, SmrtGuard is also celebrating their 1 year anniversary. To celebrate SmrtGuard’s 1 Year birthday and thank all the users that have supported them, they are giving away the following:
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Partnering with Developers to Sell More Applications


I recently received emails from both Tether and Smrtguard promoting each others’ application. Tether is a simple tethering solution for BlackBerry, and Smrtguard helps to protect your device from theft or loss. The two apps don’t have any overlap in terms of features or offerings, which makes it a great partnership to promote one another. As both apps have an incredible amount of downloads, the email list they’ve accumulated must be very significant and I’m sure this campaign resulted in a significant amount of downloads and sales for each other. If you have an application, this sort of marketing campaign could be really beneficial, and more developers should look to make these types of partnerships.
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