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eBuddy’s XMS Messaging For Smartphones Now On BlackBerry


eBuddy has announced the recent launch of XMS for BlackBerry. XMS is a free cross platform messaging service that also has the ability to send video and images.

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Rogers Launches One Number Service for Voice, Video Chat and SMS From Your Computer


Rogers has launched its new One Number service which lets you voice and video chat, as well as send text and pictures from your computer using your existing phone number. The service seems like it will be useful for all those people with desk jobs that want to move the smartphone experience over to their computer, without having to be distracted by their phone.
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Txt2Mbox Sends Copies of SMS Text Messages to Email Inbox


One of the great things about modern email inboxes is you simply never have to delete emails. Storage has become so cheap that almost all of you will never reach your limits. On your BlackBerry, it’s great to know that all your emails are indexed somewhere forever but text messages don’t have the same benefit unless you use an app such as Txt2Mbox. Txt2Mbox is a text message archiving utility for the BlackBerry.
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1,000 Free Copies of mProductive LITE: Tasks, Calendar and Memos Together in One App [Giveaway]


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Exceed 160 Character SMS Limit with Beyond160 – Updated With OS 5 Support


beyond160 SMS app

Up until fairly recently users have been asking us where to get an app that allows someone running OS 5 to send more than the CDMA defined 160 characters in an SMS. Beyond160 has been a great app for allowing users to do this but it was not available for OS 5 devices – until now. Beyond160 lets users on Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular, Bell, Telus etc. exceed their 160 or 140 character SMS limit. When your SMS field is full, simply hit Menu>Go Beyond160 and you can continue typing as long as you like. This app also lets you send to multiple recipients or groups you’ve created.

Check out Beyond160 in the store as it comes with a fully functional 14-day trial.

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Text’nDrive Freemium Text to Speech App for SMS While Driving


textndrive app

With the new hands-free laws in effect almost ubiquitously, there are plenty of text-to-speech apps going around. The latest text-to-speech hands-free app is Text’nDrive, an app designed to prevent the distraction of texting while driving by reading your email and text messages out loud and letting you reply with your voice. The app also works with hands-free devices such as Bluetooth headsets or built-in car systems.
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