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Ditto SMS Chat App for BlackBerry with 100 Free Copies


Ditto Turns your BlackBerry into an SMS chat room by allowing you to text multiple people. The app also gives you control of identities and chat permissions of the participants. If you and your friends text message a lot, this app could be fun.

Ditto is available for purchase on App World and they are also offering BlackBerryCool readers 100 free copies.

To get your free copy, head over to hivemindtech.com/main/tryditto and use the coupon code bbcool777.

iPhone SMS Database Hijacked at Pwn2Own Contest


Using a previously unknown exploit, Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann managed to grab the SMS database from an iPhone lured to a rigged website. The exploit crashed the browser session, but Weinmann said that with some additional effort, he could have a successful attack with the browser running.
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Ditto SMS Group Chat App for BlackBerry by Hive Mind Technologies


Hive Mind Technologies have launched a new app called Ditto for BlackBerry. The app allows a user to send SMS messages to a group of users, acting as a text message chat server. When you SMS chat using Ditto, you can control how and if messages are sent to the group. Ditto allows you to hide the identity of members by replacing the members name with the word “anonymous” when it relays their messages to other members of the conversation. Ditto also allows you to omit a member’s identity completely. When a member is configured this way, the relayed message appears to originate from the member running Ditto.
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Track and Record SMS Messages with SMS Statistics for BlackBerry


sms statistics

I found an app in the BBCool Store called SMS Statistics, that can record all your incoming/outgoing SMS messages on your BlackBerry, and give you reports, stats and custom alerts. Custom alerts are helpful for those with tight SMS plans, as you can get alerts when outgoing and incoming message tolerances are reached. Hopefully this is helpful to some users out there.

More information on the SMS Statistics page in the BlackBerry Cool store.

Preview BlackBerry messages from your PC with Elertify


YouTube link.

Elertify is a great new app that sits on your PC, and allows you to preview messages without the need to take out your BlackBerry and check.

Elertify will display a popup message on your PC when you receive incoming email, SMS and calls on your BlackBerry. You can even get audio alerts of who is texting, or emailing you.

Elertify is available for $4.99 until November 15th (regularly $5.99). It is also available as a 7 day free trial.

Deal of the Day: Beyond160 lets CDMA users type longer SMS messages



BlackBerry Cool readers are very familiar with the application Beyon160. It allows you to use more than the 160 character limit, imposed on BlackBerry users by Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, and all other CDMA carriers.

So if you’re a CDMA BlackBerry user, consider Beyond160, on sale for today only for $3.50 (regularly $6.99).