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foursquare for BlackBerry Version 1.03 Reviewed and Ready



Recently, foursquare for BlackBerry has gone version 1.03, which is the version they will likely launch with. Other than bug fixes, this latest version adds a few navigational features and seems to be fully ready for launch. I thought I’d review foursquare now, as it’s basically ready and I’ll post the download link so that anyone who doesn’t have foursquare on their BlackBerry can go ahead and download it.
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Facebook and MySpace apps updated, OS 5 Functionality added



RIM released updates to their in-house Facebook and MySpace apps making them OS 5 compatible. This comes as good news for those who have been tinkering with OS 5 and accessing these sites via the browser as a workaround.

Check out RIM’s official download site and information page for the Facebook and MySpace apps.