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Buying a BlackBerry Storm? Maybe not in SoCal.


UPDATE: It looks like the SoCal store in question received a late shipment today, bringing their total number of Storms to ten. No further shipments are expected before November 21st.

We have some potentially bad news for those looking to walk into a Southern California Verizon store on November 21st and walk out with a BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Cool has received word from Verizon employees that stores in the SoCal area are receiving as few as two BlackBerry Storms, with one Storm a dedicated demo model. Storm purchases will instead be Direct-Fulfilled, which means customers will have to wait until the device is delivered to their homes.

We were told that Verizon is shorting in-store Storm supplies in an attempt to prevent insider theft, and that this is similar to what they did for the launch of the LG Voyager. Our Verizon employee was uncertain if flagship stores would be receiving more devices, but it doesn’t hurt to call your local VZW store and plan ahead. I expect Verizon will ship more devices to stores after the 21st, when the eBay value of a BlackBerry Storm will drop dramatically.

If any other Verizon employees can confirm that this is happening at their store, please post a comment! For now, enjoy a photo of the Storm-emblazoned shirts VZW employees will be wearing on launch day after the jump.

Thanks to ‘Captain Anonymous’ for the tip!

Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm shirts