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Viigo introduces soccer updates – UEFA, La Liga, Serie A and MLS


Viigo has upgraded all of their European soccer (or football) coverage including UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and have now introduced MLS. The upgrades include improved live scores and complete game scores across the board. They have also added standings and schedules as well as team by team scores and schedules.

The news comes as Major League Soccer has begun its 13th season, and Viigo’s home team, Toronto FC, are in their third year. Viigo is here to help you stay current on what is going on in the league.


Mobile.BlackBerry.Com offers Euro 2008 updates


Euro 2008 BlackBerry Updates

I wasn’t going to post this, mostly because watching my beloved Poland get trounced by Germany has turned me off from the Euro 2008 tourney faster than Italy’s keeper lets in goals, but I digress. The BlackBerry Cool Nation stretches far and wide, and I’m sure many of you are footie fans.

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest Euro 2008 news and scores, mobile.blackberry.com has the answer. Simply head to the site’s ‘What’s Hot’ section to download the Goal.com BlackBerry Web Icon. Now let’s all pray that Zurawski will be healthy enough for Poland’s next match.


DDB Canada cracks down on BlackBerry rudeness


A referee issuing a yellow cardBlogger Judy Mottl has written about the BlackBerry obsession in Canada, which has gotten so bad that the Deputy Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Canada ministry had banned their use between 7 PM and 7 AM. He also banned their use during meetings, a growing concern amongst many professions. Now a company called DDB Canada has taken it one step further. Calling it a “personal digital assistant pandemic,” CEO Frank Palmer has issued a very creative ban on using BlackBerrys during meetings. Anyone caught is issued a yellow card by a fellow employee. If they’re caught again, and are already carrying a yellow card, they’re given a red card and they have to pay their own monthly bill. Quite a deterrent, especially considering the data plan pricing up north.

Wimbledon and FIFA World Cup on your BlackBerry


Virtual ReachViigo’s been packing away the content like a Japanese hot dog eater. Virtual Reach has been pushing out BlackBerry Cool on their freely-downloadable BlackBerry client for awhile now, along with a wide variety of RSS-based feeds. For any sports fans out there, check out the Sports category on your Viigo channels, and you’ll be happy to find both Wimbledon tennis coverage as well as FIFA U20 World Cup feeds.