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Digg goes mobile


Digg guy

The biggest social bookmarking website out there, Digg, is now mobile, and accessible at m.digg.com. From there you can scope out the top stories, digg ‘em, access your account and check out the profiles of other commenters. A pretty solid start, but it’s weird that you can’t comment from the mobile site, or digg comments. What would be really nice is if a mobile app were made that added the digg option from your BlackBerry Browser menu, but that’s just crazy-talk. Still cool, and don’t forget, you can check out Diggnation and other awesome Revision3 shows on your BlackBerry at m.revision3.com.

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Diggnation and company hit up BlackBerrys


DiggGuyAs a regular Diggnation viewer, this is pretty awesome news. Revision3, the creators of such fine videocasts such as the Totally Rad Show, Diggnation, and the new Internet Superstar, are tweaking their mobile site to work with the BlackBerry media player to offer all of their great shows. Unfortunately, the shorter ones like Tekzilla are the only videos that are working on my end right now, so here’s hoping we can get some of the longer stuff soon. Keep an eye on m.revision3.com for more!

New mobile web portal saves your bookmarks


PhoneFavsPhoneFavs just launched yesterday, letting you access imported del.icio.us, Internet Explorer and Firefox bookmarks from whatever mobile you happen to be browsing on. Besides that, PhoneFavs also offers a really cool option to pare down any website for easy mobile viewing – just check out what BBCool would look like when churned through their wonderful mobilization machine. Even if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of getting all of your faves onto PhoneFavs, they’ve amalgamated a bunch of top-notch, mobile-ready sites like Hotmail, Digg, Wikipedia, BBC and more. Check it out at http://phonefavs.com/.