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TweetCaster Now Available in Public Beta with Ability to Share on BBM


tweetcaster by handmark

TweetCaster is the latest 3rd party app and it comes from Handmark. The app comes after the news of Seesmic discontinuing support for their social media tool and it looks like it has a few features that Twitter users will really appreciate. The app has an interesting UI that’s very different from other Twitter apps we’ve seen. The only strange thing is that when you want to connect your Twitter account, it opens a permission for TweetCaster to publish updates on your behalf. That’s not exactly something we want in a Twitter app but it could just be associated with the beta. Cool features that are not currently in the beta, but they will be included when app goes live in App World in a few weeks include:

  • “Zip It” feature– Enables user to hide annoying @people, #trends, or any keyword from your timeline. A zipper shows in its place in your timeline, to remind you if you want to unzip.
  • Share to BlackBerry Messenger – Allowing you to retweet not only to all your Twitter followers, but also just with a few people on BBM. No other Twitter app lets you do this.
  • Instapaper Support – Sometimes opening links takes too long on your BlackBerry. Saving them to your Instapaper account lets you access them later, at your convenience.

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BlackBerry Climbs To #2 on The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands of 2010


blackberry socialClick the image or this link to view the full infographic

The BlackBerry brand has done an incredible job climbing the ranks of The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands. The Vitrue 100 is a list of 100 brands and the volume of discussion on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In 2008, the BlackBerry brand ranked number 20, in 2009, BlackBerry rose to 15 and in 2010, BlackBerry is the number 2 social brand.

A little while ago we had some inside tips and stats regarding RIM’s social media strategy, which according to this report is doing great things for brand awareness. Hit the jump for The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands of 2010.
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Michelle Kostya on RIM’s Approach to Social Media and Its Evolution


@blackberryhelp tweet
RIM’s social media team printed out shirts with sweet tweets. This tweet comes from a #teamblackberry fan @70s_Kid.

Michelle Kostya, Program Manager, Social Media Support at Research In Motion, was the guest speaker at a regular event put on by Thornley Fallis, called Third Tuesday here in Ottawa. Here is a description of last night’s event:

As RIM evolves its platform, it’s also using social media to reach out to its users and engage with them in online community and social media. Michelle Kostya is one of the people charting out RIM’s path in social media. And she’s our next speaker at Third Tuesday.

The history behind social media at RIM is also a story of how the company has changed over the years in terms of customer base, as it shifts from purely enterprise to also supporting consumer smartphones. In the beginning, RIM had solely an enterprise market to cater to and customer service was focused on serving this market in a 1 to 1 relationship. Marketing for enterprise was more traditional and it was difficult to collect feedback on how the marketing message was being received. In the last few years, the market has shifted to consumer smartphones and reaching this audience required a new set of tools, because enterprise style customer support and marketing isn’t as effective.
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Rogers Launches Official Blog RedBoard


Rogers have been pretty active in the social media space with a wide variety of Twitter accounts and now an official blog. It reminds me of a lot of what RIM are doing with their official blogs and Twitter accounts. It’s still not clear what these huge organizations hope to gain from using these social media initiatives, other than a few satisfied customers here and there. The fact is that these companies have an incredible reach, millions of individuals, and yet their Twitter accounts are really only reaching in the thousands. It’s not that I think the blogs and Twitter accounts are a bad idea, I just don’t know if it’s really going to get the PR response they’re hoping for. In any case, these companies have a lot of money and can afford to test any social media initiative. Hopefully these initiatives mean something for customers in the long run, and don’t serve to provide duplicate information that can be found elsewhere.

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RIM is Looking for Input on their Twitter Background



RIM’s Social Media team put up a post asking the community which Twitter background they prefer: @blackberry versus @blackberryblog. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the two, other than @blackberry has crooked pictures on the side. If you ask me, they should have a white background with a new QR code each week. The QR code would be a link to a free app that RIM would kindly give out to the community for free. It could be a new theme, app or even ringtone. I’m sure there are a ton of developers out there who would be happy to run a giveaway through RIM’s twitter page. Is there anything you would like to see? Which one do you prefer?

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