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BlackBerry Cool social media roundup


We would just like to remind you of the various social media initiatives that BlackBerry Cool actively promotes and we encourage you to join.

BlackBerry Cool Twitter feed (13,721 followers)

Get the latest updates from the BlackBerry Cool Twitter feed. Be sure to Tweet with #blackberrycool and we’ll follow you.

The BlackBerry Cool LinkedIn Group (1120 Members)

The BlackBerry Cool LinkedIn has some of the brightest in the industry. If you’re looking for a job in the smartphone industry, interested in networking with other professionals, or you simply want to support the group, we would like to welcome you to the group.

BlackBerry Cool Facebook Page (5.258 fans)

The BlackBerry Cool Facebook page is a casual spot where you can discuss the top stories with other BlackBerry fans. Come join the discussion!

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MyBlackBerry Community Manager talks social media



MyBlackBerry has been live for some time now and it is part of a bigger social media push at RIM. The company is leveraging Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs, to send out their message.

InsideBlackBerry sat down with MyBlackBerry’s Community Manager Becky Young, to talk about the project and social media at RIM in general.

It’s interesting to see a company such as RIM get into social media as RIM has been known to be a very traditional and conservative company. As times change, and RIM is seeing a great consumer base, inevitably the culture at the company changes with it.

According to Becky, RIM got into MyBlackBerry from “mostly seeing web 2.0 and using web 2.0 tools in our everyday lives outside of RIM. With MyBlackBerry we wanted to do two things: create a place that is all about YOU and YOUR BlackBerry smartphone (not everyman’s BlackBerry smartphone – but yours) and connect this place to the largest BlackBerry smartphone community in the world.”

MyBlackBerry does have a lot of potential but it would be nice to see the site offer something that we can’t get elsewhere. The competitive advantage with RIM will obviously be scope, in that they have the power to bring users in from the entire BlackBerry network, almost effortlessly. Once this community has grown, the question is what will they do with it?

To have your say, join the Feature Request thread on MyBlackBerry and let them know what you want to see.

For more about MyBlackBerry from Community Manager Becky Young, see Inside BlackBerry.

Top 5 sites for posting to social media from your BlackBerry



Your BlackBerry can be used in a wide variety of ways for interacting with social media and networks. One of these ways is via email. There are several sites out there that allow you to send media to them via email, and have that media pushed to your facebook and social networks. I’ve taken the time to roundup 5 of these sites; my favorite being Posterous.

1. Posterous.com

Posterous allows you to publish anything online via email and their facebook integration is terrific. I have it set so that every time I upload 3 or more photos, a new album is created in facebook. When there is less than three, they get published in a ‘Posterous’ album. In one particular album, I have over 250 pics!

Posterous also has integrations with Twitter most other social networks, so for me it has become my go-to option for online publishing. All you need to do to get started on Posterous is send an email to post@posterous.com.
Click through to read more sites that can connect your BlackBerry email to social networks