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Beta Review: Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0


facebook version 2

Facebook for BlackBerry has gone version 2.0 and there are a lot of users are dying to get their hands on this update. For some reason the Blackberry platform seems to be one of the last to get any major update to the most popular apps and Facebook for BlackBerry is no exception. Without reservation I must say that finally RIM is giving their Facebook app some love with a totally overhauled Facebook 2.0 social media application.

What does this mean for Facebook for Blackberry users? There are great new features built into this application including a brand new look with a completely overhauled User Interface that looks pretty much like the Facebook App for the iPhone with icons placed in a smokey gray backgroud.
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Shazam Implements Social Sharing Options for iOS and Android


shazam friends

Have you ever been listening to a song and wanted to know what it is? Shazam solves that very issue by letting you “tag” a song and discover the name, artist and album of the song in question. Having used the BlackBerry app for many months, we can say that it works nearly flawlessly and it’s a must have app for any music enthusiast.

Today, Shazam let us know that they’re announcing a major social sharing update to the app for iPhone, iPad and Android called Shazam Friends. The update allows users to discover and share new music with their friends on Facebook. For some reason Shazam has only rolled out social sharing over Facebook it seems, which, considering it’s a mobile service, you would think Twitter would be the first choice.

This sort of socializing music discovery has been going on for some time and this announcement is very timely considering we just announced AppVerse in the BlackBerryCool Store.
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AppVerse Social App Sharing Available in BlackBerryCool Store



We’ve been talking about Mobihand’s AppVerse for some time now and the system has been rolled out to BlackBerryCool’s store. AppVerse allows you to share and discover apps through your social graph as well as build your online app profile.

The system still seems like it’s in Beta even though it’s fully funcitonal. While the concept is great, we’d like to see improvements with some site functionality such as making profile pictures easier to upload (they cut off and don’t specify sizes), allowing you to set specific Twitter sharing options (also not limited to 140), and a better way to connect with friends (eg Twitter).
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Stephen Bates, RIM UK Managing Director, Talks Social Networking, NFC and PlayBook



Stephen Bates, the UK managing director at RIM, was interviewed about a variety of topics including the PlayBook, social networking, NFC and more. Like most interviews with a RIM exec, you don’t get much out of them, and their answers always have a heavy PR spin, but there’s some interesting points nonetheless.
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UberTwitter is Back as UberSocial – Violations Explained by Twitter



UberMedia is back online and back in the Twitter good books after they made some adjustments to their applications and the way they access the Twitter API. You can now download UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter) and get your tweets on.
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Looking for a New Twitter Client? Try Blaq or BlaqLite



Today we learned that Twitter has suspended UberTwitter, as well as a host of other Twitter apps purchased by UberMedia. If you were using UberTwitter, you’re probably on the hunt for a new Twitter app and Blaq might be just what you’re looking for. Blaq is a feature rich Twitter client for BlackBerry that gives you multi-account support, deep integration with the device, “quick tweet” and more.

Check out Blaq in the store for more information, the app is currently priced at $4.99.

You can also check out BlaqLite, which is free.

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