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Want to Know More About #BBWC11? Hit Us Up on Twitter


twitter for blackberry

There’s a great group of press and BlackBerry bloggers at BlackBerry World 2011 and they’re all on Twitter. Here is a list of some of those bloggers you may want to reach out to for more info and opinion about the conference. Feel free to follow and mention them.

Jerome Carty, BBerryGo: @jcarty
Zach, TheBerryFix: @theberryfixzach
Simon Sage, IntoMobile: @simonsage
Al Sacco, CIO: @asacco
Luis, BerryReview: @donluig
Jon, PocketBerry: @xjonx
Elle, Magmic: @ellebetz
Mauricio, BlackBerryRocks: @techncode
Matt Cameron, BlackBerryCool: @MattKCameron
Myself, Kyle, BlackBerryCool: @kylemcinnes

If you’re here, feel free to message me and meet up. It’s going to be a crazy week. Also, comment with your Twitter handle on this post and network. That’s what it’s all about.

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5 Features That Would Make Twitter for BlackBerry Even Cooler



Twitter for BlackBerry is a great official Twitter app that gets a lot of use from the average BlackBerry user. Back at the Chirp conference, we learned a lot about how Twitter for BlackBerry is responsible for a very significant amount of daily tweets and signups. The recently leaked software roadmap tells us that in the next couple of months we should expect the app to get upgraded to 1.1. Here are 5 things that we hope make it in the next release:
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Mobihand App Social Network AppVerse Now Live



Mobihand has been beta testing a new social network that lets people discover their mobile app discoveries called AppVerse and it’s now live. The social network isn’t the most polished network we’ve ever used, but the idea of socializing your app purchases is a good idea. The company has been trying a few approaches to socializing their app purchases for some time now but nothing seems to be sticking. Mobihand is a relatively small company and they do quite a bit with what they have. Hopefully AppVerse helps people discover great apps and deals.

Check out AppVerse at this link.

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Take a Tour of Your 2010 with the Your Life on PlayBook Facebook App


virtual playbook tour

“Your Life on PlayBook” is a fun little Facebook app put together by RIM’s social media team that lets you take a tour of your 2010 based on your Facebook profile data. The app shows you pictures and videos you’ve shared, your best friend according to interaction stats, as well as some of the things you’ve said over the years. The Facebook Virtual PlayBook is the best way to discover just how much of your life you’ve spent on Facebook. Any regrets in 2010?

Try the Your Life on PlayBook Facebook app at this link.

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Time for a New MySpace App or is the Social Network Dead?


Image source

MySpace has been having its fair share of problems lately. The company has recently laid off around 40% of its staff, and there has been a continuous exodus of executives from the company to other ventures. The music-centric social network has recently redesigned itself as My[__] and focused its attention on socializing entertainment. My[__] wants users to register their favorite artists and entertainment, give recommendations and spend more time watching video and playing games on the site. But will all of this help the social network or is it dead in the water?
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BlackBerry Climbs To #2 on The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands of 2010


blackberry socialClick the image or this link to view the full infographic

The BlackBerry brand has done an incredible job climbing the ranks of The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands. The Vitrue 100 is a list of 100 brands and the volume of discussion on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In 2008, the BlackBerry brand ranked number 20, in 2009, BlackBerry rose to 15 and in 2010, BlackBerry is the number 2 social brand.

A little while ago we had some inside tips and stats regarding RIM’s social media strategy, which according to this report is doing great things for brand awareness. Hit the jump for The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands of 2010.
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