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Verizon Pushes Social Beat to Users – Download Links Provided


Social Beat is a really cool app for those who don’t have invites for Social Scope. Actually, it’s arguably better than Social Scope. The app connects you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, Google Talk and has a list of RSS feeds you can subscribe to. A lot of users have pointed out that you can’t add feeds from sources like Google Reader, and the RSS section is really limited in functionality.

If you’re a Verizon customer, check your Applications folder for the Social Beat app. The app was previously only available for Curve 8530 users, but can now be found on all devices. If you have a Verizon device, but haven’t had it pushed to your Applications folder, you can always resend the service books or use on of the following download links (just substitute the device number):

Download Social Beat for the 9650 (should be called the Bold 9650?).
Download Social Beat for the Curve 8530.
Download Social Beat for the Tour 9630.
Download Social Beat for the Storm 9530.

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New free Twitter client TwiXtreme comes without ads



The latest free Twitter client to hit the market is TwiXtreme. TwiXtreme by Xtreme Labs have come in at a time when the most popular free Twitter client, UberTwitter, began offering a free ad-supported version.

TwiXtreme offers many of the basic functionality you would expect from a decent Twitter client including:

  • Upload Pictures
  • Cool Graphics
  • Free & No Ads
  • Re-Tweet
  • Favorites
  • Mentions
  • Trends
  • Direct Messages
  • Nearby Tweets
  • Profile View
  • Search

The downside to TwiXreme is that the UI could be a little better. A blue background can make reading text a little strenuous on the eyes. Also, the ads on UberTwitter can turn out to be positive for the community. If the developers have monetized the application, they can use the money to invest in the application, thus offering a better product to the end user. Overall, this is a decent free Twitter client, but if you can get a Social Scope invite, do so immediately.

Download TwiXtreme by visiting their site TwiXtreme.com from your BlackBerry Browser.

Xtreme Labs have made some really good applications in the past such as Speed Test. Speedtest is a decent app that lets you evaluate your BlackBerry network speeds, or your WiFi connection. Download it OTA by visiting http://is.gd/lKYB from your BlackBerry Browser.


[Thanks Shaun C]

Top 5 apps for a new BlackBerry user


We had a lot of feedback last week for our daily Blackberry Cool Twitter Question of the day.

The Blackberry community unanimously voted Viigo as the most recommended application for a new Blackberry user.

Over half of the total responses included Viigo as one of the 3 choices. Closely behind in the number 2 spot was Twitterberry. This wasn’t to surprising due to the many replies we received in such a short period of time. Last but not least, Google Maps was the 3rd most recommended application.

There are some other applications that deserve an honorable mention. They are SocialScope and Slacker Radio. There you have it. Know someone with a new Blackberry? Here’s a list that will get them started in the right direction:

1. To download Viigo for your BlackBerry, go here.

2. To download Twitterberry, go here.

3. To download Google Maps, go here.

4. To get an invite to SocialScope, go here.

5. To download Slacker Radio, go here.