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SocialScope Updated with More Invites on the Way!


SocialScope is bar far one of the best social networking tools around and they’re staying ahead of the competition while remaining in what seems to be a never-ending beta. Recently, the app has been updated and according to the SocialScope team, invites are coming this week! Updates to the latest release include:

  • Full Facebook Experience - We’ve upped our Facebook experience 1000x with Facebook Friends list, Facebook pages, Full Facebook Profiles, Private Messages and Notifications.
  • Inbox Integration - Powerful inbox integration allows you to select exactly which messages appear in your BlackBerry inbox.
  • Mute - Tired of hearing from a user, application(farmville!) or topic? Now you can block those updates.
  • Reduced Battery Usage - We’ve tuned, tweaked and optimized SocialScope to dramatically reduced battery usage. The most powerful social networking app now also the most power efficient.
  • Interface Tweaks - SocialScope is faster and easier to use. We’ve made interface tweaks through out the app based on your feedback.
  • Lots of Bug Fixes - We went bug hunting and fixed many issues including url shirking, removing Twitter accounts and location lookup.

Try and get in on the beta now and hopefully they’ll release invites shortly.

Hootsuite for BlackBerry Now Accepting Beta Testers


SocialScope is a great application because it gives you access to several accounts in one application. Hootsuite gives similar utility in that it allows you to access several accounts from your desktop in a single web app. Today, the company sent out a newsletter with a “BlackBerry Notes” section at the bottom that read:

Finally, fans of RIM’s Blackberry phones can almost…. finally begin Hoot-ing since HootBerry is just about ready for beta release. To get on-board for early access, simply sign up at: http://ow.ly/2aRUx and you’ll be among the first to try the new tool.

Of course the company won’t be naming the application HootBerry, as that would conflict with the vendor agreement on App World. Unless they never plan to distribute using App World which would be a little silly. If anyone gets accepted to the Beta, let us know what you think! Use the above ow.ly link to find the beta registration form.

Beta Review: SocialScope Version with Foursquare and Flickr Integration


SocialScope is still very much in private beta but their app has continues to grow and get updated. The latest version has a very clean UI with additional social networks and features. It’s not clear why the company has chosen to keep the app hidden from the public, but I’m sure there are advantages to keeping a small beta testing group until the product is totally polished. Lets take a look at where the app is now and what can be improved.

SocialScope is building itself as a hub for social networks. Currently, you can add multiple Twitter accounts, a Facebook feed, a Foursquare feed and a Flickr account. The SocialScope feed is the amalgamation of all of these accounts in one feed. After adding several accounts, the feed gets a little hectic, and I can only imagine how cluttered it would get if you have thousands of Twitter accounts followed.
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SocialScope Address Users’ Questions About Beta


SocialScope for BlackBerry

We have a ton of users asking for SocialScope invites on BlackBerry Cool and I can only imagine it’s a fraction of what the team at SocialScope must receive. Today, the team behind SocialScope put up a post (at least I assume it’s them and not someone who started a Tumblr account in their name) telling users that they should just be patient. The SocialScope team will be expanding the beta program to include more users, and they’re sorry for offending anyone for not responding to inquiries. My guess is that SocialScope will be launching as a paid app, and they don’t want to include too many people and cannibalize sales.
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