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Slacker for BlackBerry Hands-on Impressions


Slacker for BlackBerry

There are times in life when you anticipate something for so long and it fails to deliver. On the other hand, there are times when things turn out to be more than you expected. I have been using Slacker.com, the personal internet radio, on my computer for the last few months, ever since the BlackBerry application was announced at CTIA this past fall. At CES, after months of anticipation, Slacker launched their BlackBerry application for devices with OS 4.3 and above (4.5+ is best). In short, it is magnificent.

Slacker for BlackBerry videos, gallery and impressions

arrowUp Launches eID Scanning Application For BlackBerry


Belgian company arrowUp announced today the launch of its eID PKI (electronic Identity Card Public Key Infrastructure) application for BlackBerry. The application enables quick checks to be conducted of Belgium citizens’ eID on BlackBerry smartphones connected to a BlackBerry Smart Card Reader using Bluetooth.

Jean De Coster, Sales Manager, arrowUp comments: “This application is unique and has been exclusively developed for the BlackBerry platform. In Europe there is no comparable application available and as a leading company in the field of e-Identification, we are extremely pleased to offer this application with the BlackBerry solution.”

arrowUp’s eID application is intended for government and medical organizations, as well as insurance and security companies. Interested organizations can learn more at http://eid.arrowup.be/arrowup/en/arrowup/.


RIM now taking BlackBerry Application Store submissions


Big news for those of you waiting for RIM’s answer to the iPhone application store. RIM has sent out a message to all registered BlackBerry developers that they are now accepting application submissions for the BlackBerry Application Storefront. Note that this doesn’t mean the Application Storefront is right around the corner, but that RIM is planning to launch it with a large mass of software.

Developers can hit the link below to learn about the submission process and sign up. As you’re submitting your applications for the BlackBerry Application Storefront, please post a comment and let us know how it stacks up to Apple’s notoriously painful process. Do you like the setup? How long does it take to get approved? Whatever you have to say, we want to know.

BlackBerry Application Storefront


More BOLT BlackBerry Browser invites now available, you guys are crazy


UPDATE: WOW, just got word from Bitstream that you guys brought down their servers! They’re upgrading them now for higher capacity, so if you received an error when trying to sign up, wait a while and try again!

When we wrangled the BlackBerry Nation 500 invites for the BOLT BlackBerry Browser private beta yesterday, we weren’t sure how interested you’d be. It turns out that you were very interestedBitstream, makers of BOLT had quadrupled our invites to 2000, and that still wasn’t enough! So after a little bit of negotiating, we’ve gotten them to give us some more invites.

To get your copy of the BOLT beta, you must head on over to their download page and use the following referral code: ‘berrycool’. Do this even if you had already sent a request previously. Bitstream has now automated the request process, meaning you should get an email with the download link much quicker now.

While you’re waiting to get your dirty little mitts on that email, don’t forget to check out our hands-on BOLT browser impressions. Get to it!


New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry now available to all


When our sister site QuicklyBored reviewed Bplay’s New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry, they were quite big on the game, but bummed that the title was exclusive to AT&T.

We’re pleased to tell you that, as of today, New York Times Crosswords is now available for all BlackBerry gamers. The game is subscription based, costing you a measly $2.99 per month to have access to daily puzzles from The New York Times. I wonder if David Pogue has it on his BlackBerry?

Download New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry