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Minesweeper Reloaded For Playbook Now Available on BlackBerry App World


If you’ve procrastinated on a computer in the 90s, you’ll feel awfully nostalgic when you get your hands on Minesweeper Reloaded for Playbook.
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Solitaire Legends’ 6 Individual Solitaire Games Free for September Only



Solitaire Legends 2 is a package of 6 classic solitaire variations that has been broken up into individual games so you can purchase only the version(s) you enjoy playing. For the month of September, all 6 Solitaire Legends variations are free in App World. Make sure to take advantage of this deal now and grab all 6 because the full package is still $4.99 on Bplay.

Golf Legends

Freecell Legends

Klondike Legends

Pyramid Legends

Spider Legends

Yukon Legends

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Bplay Launches Solitaire Legends 2 with Six Solitaire Games in One


Solitaire is a game well-suited for mobile because you can play a round whenever the moment strikes you. Riding the bus, in a cab or watching a boring movie, there are a lot of opportunities to play a round of solitaire. Magmic’s Solitaire Legends 2 comes with 6 classic solitaire games wrapped into one. You can also purchase the six individual games at $0.99. Magmic’s Solitaire Legends is a connected suite of solitaire games, making it a fun experience for seasoned players who want to play against the clock.

Solitaire Legends 2 features:

  • 6 classic solitaire games in one (Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Golf, Pyramid, and Yukon)
  • Two solvable puzzles for each game every day (Daily Draws)
  • Unique and tranquil environment for each game

Grab a copy of Solitaire Legends 2 from Bplay for $4.99.

Also, check out all six of the Solitaire Legends games individually:

Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Golf, Pyramid, and Yukon

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Solitaire Collection for BlackBerry with 250 game varieties



Solitaire is a great game with a ton of varieties. The game ports really well to BlackBerry due to the trackball and it’s a good game for those long business flights or commutes.

Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection for BlackBerry has put together 250 solitaire game varieties in one package. This solitaire collection includes all the well-known games such as Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Joker, Canfield, Carpet, Yukon and many you may have never heard of.

Features include:

  • Detailed rules, animated demonstration and on-device help for each game
  • A variety of card backs and backgrounds.
  • Hints on available moves in the case of complicated game situations.
  • Statistics of games played and games won.
  • All Solitaire games are sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Possibility to create a list of favorite games to make navigation easier.
  • Bookmarks on a card layout.
  • Undo feature lets you back up moves.
  • Possibility to install the game to expansion cards.

Purchase Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection for $17.95 or on a free trial.


Solitaire Buddy Gold for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip Reviewed


Solitaire Buddy Gold

Solitaire is probably the only game I’ve wanted to play consistently for the last 15 years, and chances are many of you – especially those that grew up without a video game console – feel the same way. If you’ve been looking for a classic game that will keep you entertained for any given period of time, then you may be interested in Solitaire Buddy Gold by Nickel Buddy, maker of the popular game Marble Trap (which is similar to one of my all-time favorite games, Nintaii). Solitaire Buddy Gold is the company’s premium solitaire gaming app, offering about thirteen different games altogether, under one app-roof. They even have the courtesy to throw in a free trial.


Solitaire Buddy Gold for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip Review Quick Links


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