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BlackBerry Could Make Big Gains in Korea During Patent Disputes


There’s a lot of talk about the fight between Apple and Samsung over patents and according to an unnamed senior executive at Samsung, the company plans to file suit against Apple as soon as the iPhone 5 is released in Korea. BlackBerry has been making a pretty big push into Korea lately with the Torch and Bold products, and this fight could easily tip smartphone sales in RIM’s favor. More after the jump.
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All BlackBerry Ads Should Be Made in South Korea


The latest BlackBerry Torch ad has aired in Korea and it reminds us of a lot of the other smartphone ads in Korea. The ads have a certain look to them with something we just can’t put our finger on. Can you figure out what all these smartphone ads have in common? Why don’t ours seem this good? We can’t figure it out…
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An Interview with a BlackBerry User from South Korea


South Korea BlackBerry launch

I just got off the phone with my friend Ted, a former expat who has lived in South Korea for a couple years and he gave me an update of what it was like owning a BlackBerry in the country. South Korea is an interesting market – known as one of the more protectionist, yet tech savvy countries, Koreans love mobile culture and BlackBerry has been a tremendous success in the region. Ted got his first BlackBerry in August of 2009, owned one right up to a Bold 9700 in August of 2010, and he has a few interesting anecdotes about the state of BlackBerry in Korea.

While we don’t have specific numbers on unit sales, from a purely observational standpoint, BlackBerry blew up in South Korea shortly after launch. You can always find a young Korean in a nightclub with a BlackBerry in hand these days, and the form factor seems to be a big hit with both male and female demographics. According to Ted, “it’s all about the form factor”; so much so that the feature set isn’t of much importance. Koreans were willing to give up some of their most prized mobile phone features, such as DMB, in order to own a BlackBerry.
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Balsillie Confirms BlackBerry PlayBook to be Priced Under $500


jim balsillie with a tablet

Jim Balsillie made an interesting point recently when he compared the tablet market to the smartphone market, essentially saying there’s enough room for everyone and the market will explode in a similar fashion. It does seem to be the case that everyone is upgrading to a smartphone, and that everyone’s phone will eventually be “smart”, but does the same necessarily hold true for tablets?

“You have seen the smartphone market just explode… We are in the right sweet spot… This idea that there are two players and a small pie and they are divvying that between them – you are missing the point,” Balsillie told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the G20 CEO Summit in Seoul.

At the same meeting, Jim Balsillie told reporters that the PlayBook will be priced under $500, but wouldn’t go into specifics about the exact price. Will it be $499? Or perhaps much cheaper at $300. Considering the device relies on a BlackBerry for connectivity, RIM is going to have to price the tablet lower than the competitors. Ideally, the PlayBook would come in at a pricepoint where every BlackBerry user will feel like they can afford one.

It looks like all of this will be confirmed in the next couple of months when we get close to a rumored February launch.

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White BlackBerry Bold goes to Korea with SK Telecom



The white BlackBerry Bold 9000, which was one of the few BlackBerry related pieces of news we saw from CTIA, will be showing up for sale in Korea via SK Telecom.

The device will be available at the end of October and the first 1,000 customers will get a free BlackBerry Horizontal Leather Pouch.

It will be interesting to see how well the Bold sells in South Korea as it’s a country with a very predefined mobile culture. Many of the devices come with TV receivers and the Korean language is almost better suited to a keypad. That being said, there are a great number of ex-pats and Korean businessmen who would love this device.


South Korea’s cutest character Pucca now a free BlackBerry theme



If there is one thing South Korea has a lot of, it’s cute cartoon characters. It’s a common trend in Asia for absolutely everything to be branded with a cute character. Looking for oil for your car? There’s always a little PowerPuff-esque character there to help out.

ShellBell67 over at Themes4BB posted a free Pucca theme for you to grab OTA. All you have to do is register.