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Television for your BlackBerry with SPB TV


It’s going to be a great day when we can get the same quality programming of our television, streamed to our BlackBerry. Currently, you can use the Slingbox to do this, but a cheaper software solution would be ideal.

SPB has released SPB TV which allows you to get some basic programming to your device. The software comes with the following features:

  • 100+ international live TV channels, in 20+ languages;
  • Unique TV browser with quick channels preview and list of current & upcoming TV shows;
  • Integrated full week’s TV guide;
  • Ability to set Calendar reminders for TV shows of interest;
  • Fast channel launching and switching technologies;
  • Full support of hardware buttons control.

While the programming isn’t great, and it’s restricted to publicly available channels, it is a relatively cheap television for BlackBerry solution.

Check out the free trial and if you like the software, the product costs $9.95.