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BlackBerry Tour, Bold, Storm and Curve 8900 speaker test


This video isn’t the most definitive comparison of the speakers on the most recent BlackBerry devices, but it does give you an idea of the subtle differences between them.

The Bold seems to have the best sound, while the 8900 seemed the loudest. The Storm seemed to be very treble-intensive, but it is a YouTube video which tends to distort sound considerably.

The Tour’s speakers gave the music a deeper, more bass-heavy sound, comparable to that of the Bold. Overall, I would give the Bold the best rating, with the Tour a close second. After that the 8900 and then the Storm.

What do you think?


[Via BerryReview]

Boy Genius takes a close look at the BlackBerry Bold


BlackBerry Bold

Gadget guru Boy Genius has been toting around a BlackBerry Bold for at least a month now, and has posted a lengthy and juicy run-down of the device. A lot of it has to do with OS 4.6, but there’s plenty on build quality, screen, and speakers too. BlackBerry Messenger gets a significant overhaul, including ability to send videos, send messages to multiple recipients, show the music you’re listening to, and automatically change your status message when on the phone. Notifications for buddies coming online is a pretty sweet feature too.

Plenty more on the BlackBerry 9000 behind the jump!