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Nuance Launch Free Speech Dictation App Dragon for Email


Nuance’s Dragon dictation software is now available free in App World. Dragon for Email allows users to speak emails, regardless of whether they’re creating, replying or forwarding a message. Dragon for Email is integrated directly into your BlackBerry email, allowing you to switch between voice and text input interchangeably at any time to enter the contact name, subject line, or full message body.

This is a pretty awesome feature that doesn’t normally come free on BlackBerry. Most dictation software will cost you around $10, and Dragon for Email is only free for a limited time. Dragon for Email is now available for the BlackBerry Tour, Storm and Storm2 on Verizon; the Bold and Curve series on AT&T; and, the Curve and the BlackBerry Bold on T-Mobile.

Check out Dragon for Email in App World.

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Free Talk to Text App from Microsoft and Yap on Sprint


Talk-to-Text is a free app that lets you talk your emails and SMS rather than type them. The application was developed by Microsoft using Yap’s speech recognition service and is available to all Blackberry users on the Sprint network. While I haven’t personally tried it, I have tried other apps with Yap’s speech recognition technology. Yap does a good job of translating speech to text and this app is worth a download if you drive a lot.

Download Talk-to-Text from Microsoft.

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Vlingo Version 4.5 With SafeReader for Audio Email and SMS


Vlingo have announced their version 4.5 offers a cool new hands-free feature called SafeReader, that allows the user to listen to incoming text and email messages. Vlingo found that a quarter of those surveyed admit to having read an email or text while driving. Considering, 66% of the survey respondents believe the practice presents one of the biggest distractions drivers face on the road, many aren’t taking their own advice. Hopefully this feature will help keep the roads a little safer, assuming listening to an email is safer than reading while driving.

Check out Vlingo 4.5 with SafeReader in App World.

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Cool app! Mobile Speech to Speech Arabic Translator for BlackBerry


This might be one of the most incredible applications I have seen to date for BlackBerry. Sakhr Software have created an application called Mobile Speech to Speech Arabic Translator for BlackBerry, that does exactly what the name says. Check out the above YouTube clip for a demonstration.

The Spoken Translator makes communication between English and Arabic speakers easy with the following features:

1. Users freely speak English or Arabic sentences into their BlackBerry.
2. Users see the translation displayed in Arabic and English script.
3. Users can hear the translation played out loud.

The application uses a technology developed by Sakhr called natural language processing (NLP) technology. The app has far-reaching implications for business as well as consumers. Enterprise users will be able to communicate with employees in the field who don’t speak English and tourists will be able to navigate Arab countries much more easily.

Sakhr Software has announced it will showcase its Mobile Speech to Speech Arabic Translator for BlackBerry at the LandWarNet Conference in Fort Lauderdale, August 18–20, 2009.


Free voice recognition search app for BlackBerry from Canpages


Jessica Biel Out On Montana With A Friend

Canpages is a Canadian business directory, very similar to 411. They’ve recently launched a free voice recognition search application for the BlackBerry. The application lets you speak a search request into your phone and then receive the results in text—leaving your hands free for other more important activities.

The app lets you speak the area or location of the business you’re searching for into your phone or you can simply search for a business “nearby” using the phone’s GPS capabilities.

Although the app is a good idea, it’s strange that it’s SMS-based. SMS applications are usually reserved for feature phones and “dumb phones”, while the BlackBerry should be emailed based. I guess this is for the BIS folks who don’t like email.

[UPDATE: The applications is not SMS based – rather, it actually uses 3G and doesn’t rely on text or email. You don’t need to request the app using SMS, although it is convenient. You can download the Canpages application by opening a browser on your Blackberry and going to canpages.ca/bb. From there you are able to download the app directly and it works great. It’s also available through Blackberry App World on your phone.]

To download the application for free to a BlackBerry text “blackberry” to 898411.

[ED NOTE: I’m having trouble getting the number to accept the text from a BlackBerry Storm 9530. Comment and let me know if you’ve had more success with this. The news came from a trusted PR company so I know it’s legit.]


Vlingo speech recognition goes 3.0 with more functionality


Vlingo speech recognition software is trying to change the way you interact with your device. They see a powerful device that can be made even more powerful by making it totally hands-free. Well today they’ve announced version 3.0 of Vlingo, offering a rich feature set that really adds to their product.

Using the power of voice, Vlingo already enables users to send and reply to emails and text messages, search the mobile Web, dial the phone, look up contacts, and launch built-in applications — just by using their voice. With Vlingo 3.0, users gain an enhanced text-to-speech read-back feature for easy hands-free confirmation of what was spoken, the ability to speak action requests such as “send”, and support for wired headsets as well as many Bluetooth headsets.

Vlingo gives BlackBerry users the ability to power the most popular features by voice. They can simply press the side “convenience” key on their handset, which lets them speak commands into the smartphone. Vlingo 3.0 gives a user’s voice the ability to:

• Send and reply to text messages with users who also have Vlingo
• Web search
• Dial the phone
• Send a “note to self”
• Facebook & Twitter status updates
• Tell A Friend
• Optional read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken
• Speak action requests such as “send” or “search”
• Launch native and third-party applications

BlackBerry users can get additional voice capabilities, including the ability to send and reply to text messages and emails to anyone for a one-time charge of $17.99.

Existing users of Vlingo 2.0 can continue to use Vlingo 2.0 at no additional charge.