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SplashID updated


SplasIDPassword-keeping software SplashID has been updated to version 4 for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms, packing a couple of new features: links which open directly into the browser, four more fields, an upgraded password generator, secure record e-mailing, and some updates to the desktop client. We poked around at SplashID awhile back, but compared to DataVault, the decision should be clear. Regardless, if you’re looking for an alternative, you can pick up SplashID over here.

SplashID reviewed


7100t.jpgWhen you’re young and naive, you have that “one password” that you use for everything. Email, MySpace, whatever – same thing. Your bank PIN was simply the four first letters of that word worked out on the num-pad. As you grew older, so did the rest of the world and the necessity for more security.

Once you grow up, get a job, and realize you’ve got a little bit more than a measley email password to remember, that’s where an application like Splash ID comes into play. Enterprise users know exactly what I’m talking about. With the need for new/different passwords comes the need to remember new/different passwords. Thankfully with Splash ID from the folks at Splash Data, that’s finally a reality.

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