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Dear BBCool: Help using a BlackBerry in Sri Lanka


Group photo Sri Lanka

Dear BlackBerry Cool, As you know, Sri Lanka has been in a state of civil war for many years now and there are thousands of civilian casualties. I work for an NGO and soon I will be flying to Sri Lanka to help with development efforts.

Before I leave, I have to figure out what to do with my Rogers BlackBerry Bold.

I spoke to 3 reps from Rogers, including a senior supervisor and got the following information:

  • There is no voice or data plans/packages available for Sri Lanka
  • The BlackBerry is currently on a Right Fit plan at $97.45 per month
  • Cancellation of contract = $500 + charge for phone $300 = $800
  • To use voice or data in SL will cost $3.50 per minute for roaming charge + $6.00 per minute to talk

I have been told by a technician that my BlackBerry is a world phone and is not locked. Could your readers help me out? Here are my options as I see them:

  • Keep the phone and maintain the contract @ $97.45 plus taxes per month and pay local rates in SL.
  • Cancel the contract, pay the difference for the phone and use it in SL.
  • Cancel the contract and sell the phone to someone and get a regular phone in SL.
  • Transfer the contract/phone to someone who will continue the payment.

World peace and happiness for all,