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RIM responds officially to Etisalat spyware found in update



RIM has put out an official document entitled “RIM Customer Statement Regarding Etisalat / SS8 Software”. The document confirms that Etisalat did not release what they called a “upgrade” and that the software was in fact harmful to your device. According to the document:

RIM confirms that this software is not a patch and it is not a RIM authorized upgrade. RIM did not
develop this software application and RIM was not involved in any way in the testing, promotion
or distribution of this software application.

RIM further confirms, in general terms, that a third party patch cannot provide any enhancements
to network services as there is no capability for third parties to develop or modify the low level
radio communications protocols that would be involved in making such improvements to the
communications between a BlackBerry smartphone and a carrier’s network.

The above statement is very reminiscent of the article we posted on BlackBerry Cool, regarding what applications can and cannot do on a BlackBerry. The article was written after a company claimed they developed an application that makes the network faster, but it was clearly snake oil.

In the document, RIM also warns about updates that are pushed via SMS or WAP. According to RIM, if there is ever a need to update software, RIM distributes using standard channels, such as OTA and direct downloads. ” RIM does not use SMS or WAP push as an official distribution channel for these types of official BlackBerry software updates.”

It’s too bad we can’t trust our carriers. You would think that they would be content with the hundreds of dollars we give them each year.

Download the official document released by RIM.

Consider reading RIM’s document on Protecting the BlackBerry device platform against malware (PDF).