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ChargeCard Announces a BlackBerry Compatible Micro USB Mobile Charging Solution


Chargecard is an amazingly portable charging solution that also acts as a USB cable. ChargeCard is the width of a couple of credit cards and fits comfortably in wallets and tiny purses. Other changing solutions usually involve a bulky battery pack and cable while ChargeCard solves all of that with elegant design.
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BlackBerry stand accessory discount and giveaway



BlackBerry Cool readers have the opportunity to get a nice discount on a BlackBerry stand accessory as well as we are giving away 20 free units for 20 lucky readers.

The New MobileRiser stands up your cell phone, iPhone, iPod or other mobile devices for viewing at a convenient 75┬░viewing angle. Easily stand up any mobile device. So thin you won’t even know it’s there. Watch movies on your device or just see who’s calling faster.

For a limited time, BlackBerry Cool readers get a $1.00 discount taking the price to $3.95.

To win a free MobileRiser, comment and tell us about the first mobile phone you ever owned.