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Starbucks Now Accepts Mobile Payments Across the US


Starting yesterday, Starbucks’ 6,800+ stores have begun to accept mobile payments, meaning you can now use the Starbucks Card Mobile app from your BlackBerry across the US. Previously, we reported that the mobile payments program was limited to pilot stores in San Francisco, Seattle and New York, and it looks like the pilot was a success.
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Starbucks Card Mobile BlackBerry App with Mobile Payment Solution


starbucks card mobile

Starbucks has released a Starbucks Card Mobile app for BlackBerry and it looks really cool. The app gives you the ability to track all your Starbucks account info and display your barcode. Once you register your card you can track the Stars you earn toward free beverages through My Starbucks Rewards. The coolest feature of this app, which hasn’t been fully rolled out yet, includes the ability to use their Mobile Pay system and pay for drinks with the app. Mobile Pay is available at select stores in Seattle and Silicon Valley, and at all Target Starbucks stores in the United States.

Download the app by texting GO to 70845.

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