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What’s Going On With ScoreLoop at BlackBerry?



Here’s a simple feature suggestion for ScoreLoop: why don’t you just read whether someone is viewing a link from their mobile or desktop, and display the appropriate app store? When you get a ScoreLoop email and you click the link from your desktop, the ScoreLoop page says:
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Inside Apps Notifier: The Easiest Way To Monitor the App Store



Apps Notifier is an iOS tool that helps you track apps, vendors and keywords in the App Store. For consumers, this means that you can track your favorite apps for price drops, look for sales, and get notified when your favorite devs launch a new app. For developers and marketers this means you can keep track of the competition. Lawyers can even watch the App Store for trademark infringement.

Check out this article to see what Apps Notifier can do.

TacoQuest is DinDin Kitchen Inc’s Foray Into A Micro-Search Platform


Three BlackBerry employees: Alex Kinsella, Derek Alldritt and Chad Tetreault have launched an app called TacoQuest and a startup called DinDin Kitchen. According to LinkedIn, DinDin Kitchen “specializes in brining innovative apps to mobile platforms.” The first app, TacoQuest, is an interesting concept that, powered by foursquare, aims to be a “micro-search platform”.
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Details of the Nike+ Accelerator Powered by TechStars NYC


I recently attended the recruiting tour for the Nike+ Accelerator powered by TechStars NYC and I thought it might be beneficial to write up some info and thoughts for those interested in the program. For those who don’t know, Nike has launched a startup accelerator in partnership with TechStars NYC to find startups that can leverage access to the Nike+ Fuel data to build a startup or complement a startups data. The goal is to get some initial seed money, go through the TechStars program and build a business that may be acquired by Nike or simply exist as its own business. Read on for more details.
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Startup Canada Takes a Tour of VeloCity Garage and Residence with Mike Kirkup


We talked a lot with Mike Kirkup over the years during his tenure at RIM as a VP of Developer Relations. Now, he’s Director of Student Innovation at VeloCity out of the University of Waterloo, giving startups the tools and resources they need to create great businesses.

VeloCity was created as a gateway to entrepreneurship for students. The program is a collaborative community of student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. From ideation to prosperous startup, VeloCity is where our most promising students and alumni find support. For a tour of some of the facilities, check out the videos below and take a tour with Mike Kirkup.
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Track Email and Gain Insight With ContactMonkey Bridge Plugin


ContactMonkey is the startup that recently brought a simple way to share your contact information via an email signature. The idea is brilliant in that it allows you to provide someone with a single landing page, formatted for mobile, that you can share and have all your details downloaded. The company’s latest product is the Bridge Plugin and it allows you to track who is opening your emails as well as view analytics around who you’re emailing most and when.
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