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Viigo launches NCAA Basketball service for BlackBerry Cool To Go


Viigo is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways for BlackBerry users to stay up to date on all their sporting news. Following their recent NBA basketball announcement, Viigo has launched its NCAA basketball service, just in time for the start of the Men’s college season. While I don’t normally get NCAA crazy until March Madness begins (there’s just too many NBA games to watch), I must admit the NCAA has already captured my attention (how did Rhode Island almost beat Duke?). I’m also quite interested to see how Stephen Curry, who made a big slash at the tourney last year, progresses as a point guard. Whatever your interest, Viigo’s NCAA service provides access to the scores, schedules, news and commentary you need to follow your alma mater.

For current Viigo/BlackBerry Cool to Go users looking to add the NCAA basketball service, simply select “Sports” from the Viigo home screen and then “Add Sport” from the following page. If you don’t have the BlackBerry Cool To Go version of Viigo yet, click the link below to download it for free! Make sure to also check out Viigo’s NFL, NHL, NCAA Football and Soccer services as well!

Download BlackBerry Cool To Go from Viigo