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Use your BlackBerry Storm as a level or ruler


This is a full review of an app called Storm Level Pro, made by Mobigloo. The point of Storm Level Pro is to transform your Storm into a fully functioning level and/or ruler, by using its accelerometer for accuracy. Interesting, right? Let’s do the break down; features include:

  • Calibration for maximum accuracy.
  • Level for both vertical and horizontal measures.
  • Automatically adjusts to portrait and landscape modes.
  • Includes two rulers, inches and centimeters.
  • Upon the Storm Level Pro’s first touchdown, on the device, installation is noticeably easy and complete, without any additional setting changes. You are instantly prompted to calibrate your device, which is done by simply finding a perfectly flat and level surface (ie a wall) and pressing the “calibrate” button on the screen. Once calibrated, your device is ready to be used as a level and/or ruler.
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