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Configure your BlackBerry Storm auto-rotation with StopTilt



We have written about an app that disables the auto-tilt on the BlackBerry Storm before and there is another you should check out.

While auto-rotate is a good thing, there are certain situations where you just don’t want it. A common example involves when you have a Wallpaper that looks great in portrait mode, but not in landscape mode, so you want your homescreen to be locked in a certain orientation.

StopTilt gives you the ability to choose when you want your screen locked. It’s a small app that enables users to lock the orientation of screen in their preferred mode. The best part is that separate apps can be locked in different orientations, such as email in portrait and browser in landscape. Also, unlike Storm Rotation Wizard, StopTilt remembers your preferred orientation across device resets.

Purchase StopTilt for the special price of $4.99 until May 31.


Stop unwanted screen rotations with the BlackBerry Storm


storm rotation wizard

One thing that might frustrate you about the BlackBerry Storm is that you have no control over when the screen rotates from landscape to portrait and vice versa. Although you can try to keep your device still and stop it from rotating, it will almost always rotate by accident. Storm Rotation Wizard from Mobireport addresses this issue.

Storm Rotation Wizard costs $2.99 and allows you to lock the Storm’s display in portrait or landscape, or you can choose to leave it on auto-rotate, the default setting. This is the cheapest app out there to get this sort of control.

Purchase Storm Rotation Wizard for $2.99.