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TELUS BlackBerry Storm appears on Future Shop site


It looks like Future Shop is pricing the TELUS BlackBerry Storm 9350 at $649.99 on their site. Along with these new pricing details, they are also posting an “Estimated release date of December 18, 2008.” Is anyone taking?

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MySpace for BlackBerry – any legal issues?



There has been no word about a Myspace app for the BlackBerry Storm. Facebook has managed to get its app pre-loaded on BlackBerry devices and I’m curious why Myspace has been left out. Here is a thought: Facebook has a non-compete clause with RIM, much in the same way that Coke and Pepsi will have non-compete clauses with restaurants and campuses. Does anybody know or care why there is no Myspace app for BlackBerry?

Video of BrickBreaker on the BlackBerry Storm


BrickBreaker, the classic comes-with-your-BlackBerry game, is on the Storm and here’s the video. The video is a little long but you get the point really quickly. BrickBreaker is back! In touch form!

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BlackBerry Storm updates: videos and possible release date


BlackBerry Storm at Best Buy

According to BGR, the BlackBerry Storm will be in-stock November 16th at best Buy, but that isn’t necessarily a release date. Also, a ton of BlackBerry Storm videos have hit the Internet. I wasn’t able to embed them but you can check them all out on CrackBerry. The audio on these videos is really strange. For some reason, they decided to only play a fraction of the audio. I guess they were trying to be creative.

Video of the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm in action


Here is a video we got from CrackBerry. Although the video is a whopping 3 minutes long, it showcases all the features we’ve been looking forward to on the BlackBerry Storm. Something I’m curious about is the landscape keyboard: will it turn for everything? As Doug has mentioned before, I’m an iPhone user and one of the problems I have is that the keyboard will go landscape for Safari, but not SMS. I’ll add this to my giant list of problems with the iPhone. Anyways, this is a BlackBerry site and RIM knows its stuff, so I’m sure they’ve figured it out. Enjoy!

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Vodafone BlackBerry Storm commercial


According to CrackBerry, the Storm will be officially announced tomorrow and the launch commercial is available on the web. There are plans right now to start shipping the device on the 28th, so hopefully this announcement gets people hyped enough to put in some orders.

What do you guys think of the ad? Personally, I think it’s a great commercial for introducing a typically enterprise driven device to consumers, but it could have showcased a few more features. I would have liked to see games and more focus on the browser. Also, a small demonstration of the cut and paste would have really turned on some potential users.

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