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The Future of BlackBerry and Smartphone Display Cases


3D Holographic display

Two New York media companies, Stardust and BBDO, have teamed up to make one of the coolest BlackBerry display cases we’ve ever seen. The case uses 3D holographic imaging around the device to bring a unique experience to looking at the device. The device shown in this particular video is the Storm2 for the carrier MTS but we’d love to see it being used for the newer devices like the QNX smartphones.

We definitely recommend heading over to this site and watching the video.

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Poll: What do you like better: BlackBerry Storm 2 or Storm2?


All BlackBerry devices that are made go through a naming process that is, to say the least, confusing. The device name will often change as a BlackBerry goes from engineering to internal testing, then to carrier testing and finally through marketing and out to the consumer. Throughout the process, sites such as BlackBerry Cool are reporting as much as we know, and trying to keep you up to the minute.

With 2 names circling for the latest BlackBerry Storm, we’re wondering which one you like best. Do you like the sound of BlackBerry Storm 2 with a space, or BlackBerry Storm2, without the space?

Go ahead and vote!

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RIM makes the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 official



RIM has gone ahead and made the BlackBerry Storm2 official and now you can get updates for when this device will be officially launched.

The BlackBerry Storm2 9550 still does not have any specific availability, but the it’s interesting to see the current prices of the Storm 9530.

Some of the prices include:

Bell: $299 on a 3 year contract
Amazon: $0.01 on a new service plan
Let’s Talk: Free on a new service plan
Verizon: $49.99 on a new service plan and includes a Buy One Get One Free promotion.
WireFly: Free on a new service plan
MTS: $249.99 on a 3 year contract
TELUS: $99.99 on a 3 year contract

These prices are reflective of carriers and vendors trying to offload their original Storm stock but still some carriers have some relatively high prices. Is anyone seriously still paying $249.99 on a three year contract for a year old device? It just goes to show that carriers are dropping the ball when it comes to offering good deals on devices. When the Storm2 launches, it will probably be in your best interests to skip the carrier and find an online vendor who will give you a better deal.

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[Hat tip James L.]

Walt Mossberg reviews the BlackBerry Storm2 aka Odin



Walt Mossberg of the WSJ is jumping on a trend of reviewing the Storm2 before it launches. While BlackBerry Cool has also reviewed this device before launch, it’s always best to wait for the launch date, and give both RIM and the carriers the benefit of the doubt that they may change something.

As you may remember from Walt’s conversation with Mike Lazaridis, he was not a fan of the first BlackBerry Storm. One of his questions to Lazaridis was “why wasn’t the Storm a better device?” Sort of a harsh dig considering it had one of the lowest return rates at Verizon. Yes, the device lacked WiFi, and the typing experience wasn’t stellar, but a touchscreen BlackBerry was much needed in the product line.

Well it seems Walt is convinced that the second time out the gate is a success:
Click through for more about this Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 review