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More Leaked Pics of the BlackBerry Slider and Clamshell


More Leaked pictures have surfaced of pre-production BlackBerry Smartphones. The clamshell and slider form-factors depicted in the less than perfect pics are experiments in the more popular consumer phones.

The leaked pics show what looks like a BlackBerry 6 home screen. The memory one device sports makes me think you’ll need a 2010 BlackBerry to run BlackBerry 6.

What does everyone think of the new OS and some of the new Shapes of BlackBerry?

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iPhone slide unlock available for the BlackBerry Storm



BlackBerry themes and apps of an iPhone nature are fairly popular because it gives you the simple look and feel of an iPhone but you get to keep your pro device which is far better. It’s almost like having the best of both worlds.

Well now you can have the popular slide to unlock feature of the iPhone on your BlackBerry Storm. Just slide the bar from left to right to unlock your device. The app will start automatically when the screen dims and will also let you set a password.

Purchase StormSlider for your BlackBerry Storm for $2.99.