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Mondays suck. Like gravity and Godwin’s Law, it is an immutable force of nature. So with the help of our friends over at Slacker, we thought we’d try to make your Monday a little better by giving away free stuff.

BlackBerry Cool Power User Nan Palmero is a big fan of Slacker, the streaming radio application for BlackBerry and desktop (check out Nan’s Slacker impressions). Always the enterprising sort, Nan was able to convince the kind team at Slacker to give BlackBerry Cool 10 FREE ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTIONS for SLACKER’S ‘RADIO PLUS’ PREMIUM ACCOUNTS. Here’s how you can get one:

    – You have to be based in the U.S. (sorry, my fellow Canucks)
    – You must have a valid email address already configured with Slacker (i.e. the email address you signed up to slacker with). If you haven’t tried Slacker yet, download the free trial now!
    Post a comment on this post telling us about your favorite aspect of Slacker, what improvements you’d like to see, and when/where you listen to Slacker on your BlackBerry.
    – We’ll draw the 10 winners randomly at 2pm EST tomorrow, so make sure you post right away!

While you’re posting, make sure you write a thank you to everyone at Slacker and FortyThree PR. If we’re lucky, maybe we can get some more premium accounts from them.


Slacker for BlackBerry Hands-on Impressions


Slacker for BlackBerry

There are times in life when you anticipate something for so long and it fails to deliver. On the other hand, there are times when things turn out to be more than you expected. I have been using Slacker.com, the personal internet radio, on my computer for the last few months, ever since the BlackBerry application was announced at CTIA this past fall. At CES, after months of anticipation, Slacker launched their BlackBerry application for devices with OS 4.3 and above (4.5+ is best). In short, it is magnificent.

Slacker for BlackBerry videos, gallery and impressions

Didiom Allows iTunes Streaming, Wireless Music Purchase


Didiom announced today the expansion of its mobile media service public beta to include the BlackBerry Pearl today (the beta also supports the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 88xx series). Didiom allows BlackBerry users to access their home computer’s iTunes library remotely and buy over 1.5 million high-quality MP3 songs while on the go. Didiom is unique in that it utilizes a bartering system, allowing users to name their own price for MP3 songs and download them to their BlackBerry or PC. In addition, throughout the beta period Didiom is implementing a cash bonus program to reward prepaid users who purchase MP3 songs.

I downloaded Didiom, which requires you to use both a client on your computer (PC only for now) and my BlackBerry Curve 8330 running OS 4.5. While I was able to listen to the songs available from their library, I couldn’t get my DRM-free iTunes music to stream (Didiom has a DRM-free licensing deal with EPM). While this may not be a big deal for most users, about 99% of my music is DRM-free, meaning the service doesn’t really work for me. Anyone else have more luck?

Download the Didiom public beta for BlackBerry