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Streaming Video and Audio Channels From YesterBerry Web App


yesterberry movie site

Yesterberry is a free web app that gives you access to over 200 live streaming audio and video channels. The site was originally envisioned for vintage material, as most of the video and audio content that’s available has gone out of copyright. The site also accepts user submitted content so it could really take off as a source for recent content. The site is 100% free, but they do accept donations for which they give you a login and extra features.

Download the Yesterberry web launcher for your BlackBerry and check them out.

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Hypoxia Media Player with Streaming Over Home WiFi Network


hypoxia player

Earlier this month we mentioned that the Hypoxia media player would soon be available and mblware has let us know that it’s live in the store. Hypoxia allows you to stream media to and from devices on your home WiFi network. All you have to do is browse the networked media servers (eg TVersity or Windows Media Player) through Hypoxia, and select what you want to watch or listen to. Another cool feature is the ability to share what you’re watching or listening to over Twitter.

Hypoxia requires at least OS 5.0 and more information is available in the store.

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skySYNC Launches open beta



skySYNC is a system that allows you to access and cloud sync your iTunes music library from the web or from your BlackBerry. Until now, skySYNC has been running a closed beta and has just recently opened it up to the general public with the launch of their 1.0 release.

Head over to skySYNC to try it out.


Nobex Radio Companion Million user milestone



The Nobex Radio Companion community is growing and they’ve just announced their millionth download. Nobex Radio Companion allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations from your BlackBerry. Boasting over 3500 stations from more than 25 countries, Nobex Radio Companion is a great way to listen to radio on your multimedia BlackBerry.

With the free version you can listen to all the playable stations in your country. This can be downloaded by going to our download page from your BlackBerry browser, or through BlackBerry App World, from the Music and Video Services section.

By purchasing our premium version from our store you can listen to all of our 3500 playable stations from around the world as well as personalize the app with your favorite pictures.

Sports, Music, or news, never miss your favorite radio program again with Nobex Radio Companion!


Telus Removes BlackBerry Streaming Media Block


Telus Mobility Logo

More good news for Telus BlackBerry subscribers today! While you’re pressing refresh every 5 seconds waiting for the new Telus BlackBerry Storm site to load, why don’t you pass the time by watching a YouTube video on your current Telus ‘Berry?

That’s right, Telus has now removed the streaming media block for BlackBerrys, meaning that websites like m.youtube.com are now useful. Many are speculating that this unblocking is part of Telus’ BlackBerry Storm launch prep, but the reason doesn’t really matter. Streaming media!

Note: Previously there was some concern that streaming media would only work on OS 4.5 devices and above, but we can confirm OS 4.3 works as well. OS 4.2 users, you’re on your own.


Australian BlackBerry Bold enterprise rollout delayed by software issues



Telstra’s been trickling out their BlackBerry Bold to enterprise customers for a few weeks now, but it looks like they’re holding off on giving out any more until the next software upgrade which should fix some streaming video issues.

“RIM is developing a software upgrade to optimize media streaming on the device,” Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said. “This free firmware upgrade is around the corner and a handful of customers have chosen to wait for this before rolling out the new BlackBerry Bold to their teams. … “The BlackBerry Bold has not experienced any issues with bugs at all. All four local carriers will be launching the product, Telstra and Optus both currently have the product available in the marketplace,” a RIM Australia spokesperson said. “It’s very common for different carriers and networks to have specific requirements for software. Handset manufacturers then tailor software specifically for a network or a carrier.”

AT&T customers are still glaring at us Canadians and our shiny new toys, as they’re dealing with the exact same kind of of software delays. Optus has had the Bold publicly available for some time now, without any issues to report whatsoever. Obviously different carriers will have different requirements, which accounts for the different launch dates internationally. We can only hope that American customers won’t also have to wait until September for the first big patch before the Bold is released.

(via Australian IT)