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Techu.me Program Seeks to Create Young App Developers and Future Engineers


According to the Canadian Government, enrollment in mathematics, computer and information sciences accounted for 3.0% of total university enrolment in 2008/2009, the lowest proportion since 1992/1993. In response to this and some pressure from local Universities, TechU.me was created to inspire youth using app development.

Apps is a great place to start kids on the path to a technical future, as the devices are ubiquitous and the applications are largely practical. Gone are the days when computers were thought of as inaccessible, giant, computation machines. Now, everyone has a computer in their pocket and they’re often thinking “I wish I had an app to help me do (blank).”
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Carleton University and RIM Launch Teaching and Collaborative Research Centre [#Ottawa]


Ottawa’s Carleton University has partnered with RIM to launch what is being called the Teaching and Collaborative Research Centre. The goal of the centre to provide students an opportunity to “explore new possibilities in wireless communications and application development.” The centre will be used for research, teaching, outreach activities, technology demonstrations, and short courses. The centre will also work to keep engineering and industrial design students “at the forefront of smartphone technology and design.”
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Startup Showcase: Hoot.me Helps Students Collaborate On Facebook #startupfest



Hoot.me is a Facebook app that leverages the social network to help students better collaborate on projects, classes, assignments and more. According to the founders: “We switch your Facebook into study mode by connecting you with friends to collaborate on homework and projects.”

Facebook is a great platform for Hoot.me since Facebook began with targeting the student demographic and the company’s target market spends a great deal of time on the site. Also, since a typical student’s network will almost certainly be 100% on Facebook, the social interactions and collaboration potential is huge.
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Get out of school debt-free with BlackBerry


Graduate with BlackBerry

RIM is kicking off the back-to-school season in a language that all students can understand: money. Enter to win one of 20 $1,0000 prizes, one of three $10,000 prizes and a shot at the big mamma-jamma $50,000 grand prize. A pretty sweet deal for putting your name in a hat. Go ahead and check out the contest site for more info and conditions. On top of that, the Trade-Up program is generously offering an extra $50 to students who upgrade their BlackBerry and use the coupon code “graduate”. If you’re looking to kit out a fresh BlackBerry you just bought for school, you might want to check out our top five picks for student applications. And hey, while you’re while you’re cruising for handouts, why not sign up to win a car, too?

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Top 5 Back-to-School Applications for BlackBerry


The BlackBerry Cool Top Five Back-to-School Applications for BlackBerry

Yep, it’s that time of the year again – bust out the books, call in the loans, and register for classes. Anyone going to college or university has a nice, big, juicy school year ahead of them, and that means it’s time to gear up. Your BlackBerry’s no exception, of course, and can provide plenty of helpful tools to stay on top of your assignments and study for tests. Of course it’s not all work, and there’s a lot your BlackBerry can do to keep you comfortable in the student lifestyle. Here are our top five BlackBerry apps for students heading back into the classroom this fall.

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New BlackBerry app tests, demoralizes students


The aptly-named Cram launched recently, offering customizable, shareable tests on your BlackBerry. Cram allows for students to keep on studying on the go, even when feverishly going over last-minute notes outside the exam room. Studying on your BlackBerry would be especially handy for the bus, when having a bunch of books out isn’t exactly practical. Cram can import text files which are then translated into multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank tests, and using some web functions those tests can be easily shared with fellow crammers. For the BlackBerry-packing academic, Cram would pair up nicely with StudentDocket (previously known as StudentBerry).