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BlackBerry Developer Success Stories: Million Download Milestones and More


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We hear it all the time for iOS and Android: “so and so has passed a million downloads”. We don’t hear these stories as much as we should be on BlackBerry and RIM has highlighted a few of them after talking with developers themselves. It’s incredible to see companies making solid businesses of the BlackBerry platform and it’s even more incredible that they’re willing to share their success stories. One of the reasons we think a lot of developers aren’t sharing their stories is because they don’t want more competition. There’s a barrier to entry for BlackBerry these days and it helps that a lot of BlackBerry developers aren’t swamped with competition. The last thing they want is the plethora of other developers out there to realize how much money can be made with BlackBerry and encroaching on their turf. That being said, here are some awesome developer success stories:

Jingu - In a very short time, Jingu has surpassed a million downloads.
Spice Labs Pvt Ltd. – More than 16 million downloads of their paid and free applications, which include Hangman and HangmanKids.
WeatherEye HD for the PlayBook has seen more than 50,000 downloads.
Doodle Blast on the PlayBook has had almost 50,000 downloads since launch.
Crystal Balls from ingames is almost at one million downloads now.

Read more over at the official Dev Blog.

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