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RIM Launches BlackBerry WebWorks: Open Web App Platform for BlackBerry


blackberry webworks at the developer conference

Today, RIM announced their next-generation web app development platform – BlackBerry WebWorks. Webworks enables web developers to construct full-featured apps for BlackBerry in HTML-5, CSS and Javascript. The system takes advantage of advanced features through APIs and services like BlackBerry Java applications do already.

Developers can utilize web development tools and platform services with a comprehensive toolset for developing rich apps that can take advantage of core BlackBerry features such as true multi-tasking, true Push technology and access to the full range of BlackBerry services. The platform will also be able to take advantage of location-based services as well as the newly-announced advertising platform.
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BlackBerry Partners Fund Announces Regional Selections in Super Apps Challenge


blackberry super apps

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced around 400 apps that have made the cut in the first round of judging in the third annual BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge. The Regional Selections are competing for a total prize package valued over US$1.5 million, and are spread out across four global regions including North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific.
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BlackBerry Developer Conference Session Catalog Now Live


The BlackBerry Developer Conference Session Catalog is now live and ready for you to browse. There are lots of sessions this year focused on some hot topics such as BlackBerry 6 so be sure to check them out. Remember, if you register for the conference by August 6th, you save $200 with an Early Bird Rate. Sessions you might want to check out include:

  • BlackBerry 6: An Overview of new APIs
  • Before You Go to Market: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned About Selling Commercial BlackBerry Applications
  • The BlackBerry Advantage – Create a Super App Experience
  • Leveraging the power of technologies like WebKit and HTML 5 in the latest developer tools

Register for the BlackBerry Developer Conference today and we’ll see you there!

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What BlackBerry OS 6 Means for Developers and Super Apps


We have seen a lot of BlackBerry 6 in action and it looks like a lot of visual improvements for the end user. But what about developers? Will OS 6 bring anything new to help them create rich and compelling apps? The answer is “yes”. OS 6 comes with some awesome new APIs for developers to leverage to make great apps for BlackBerry. Lets take a look at what OS 6 will allow you to do.


The graphics in OS 6 are going to be a leap beyond OS 5. There are animation APIs in OS 6 that allow you to animate nearly everything and it’s all optimized natively. OS 6 comes with OpenGL ES 1.1 3D graphics for all devices with supporting hardware (CDMA). OpenGL ES 1.1 builds on the existing 1.0 support and allows for multitextures, automatic mipmap generation, improved rending and more. OS 6 will also come with OpenVG 1.1, which is the 2D equivalent of OpenGL.
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Think you have the next Super App? Enter the BlackBerry Developer Challenge


BlackBerry lets you create Super Apps with a seamlessly integrated, contextualized and efficient experience that people will find invaluable every day. Develop the next Super App and win prizes to help boost your app-building business. By entering the BlackBerry Super App Developer Challenge, you could give your app-building business a huge boost with $1.5 million in total prizes, including:

  • Featured placement in the BlackBerry App World™ Carousel
  • BlackBerry Alliance Membership
  • Promotional services for your app, and more

Enter the BlackBerry Super App Developer Challenge today. Click Here

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$25,000 BlackBerry Super App Contest – Cocktail Napkin Designs Accepted!


biHeads is a software development company that has a ton of mobile experience helping companies such as RIM, Hewlett Packard, Redsky Mobile, Vaultus Mobile Technologies, Cellcrypt, EMC, S&H Medcom and others. The company makes apps for all smartphone platforms and they’ve recently announced a contest to give away $25,000 in development services for the best BlackBerry Super App idea. Be sure to check out all the details after the jump.
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